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Mayor of Sports Town Intro


How does one become Mayor of Sports Town? It all started 38 years ago when I was born at the eclipse of the Flyers Stanley Cup winning ways. As a baby I was at the parade, well…. that was the last time I was at a Flyers Stanley Cup parade and the burning inside me keeps churning year after year, longing for a Stanley Cup Championship…. or a Super Bowl?!?! Sure we won two World Series Championships, but that’s only 2 in 38 years, oh forgot about the 76ers in 1983…. Yes, 1983!!! Mike Schmidt, Bobby Clarke, Ron Jaworski, Julius Erving… these are the names that I was accustomed to while growing up. These are the names that set my expectations for sports in Philadelphia.

But my passion for sports runs even more personal than that. My father raised me to be a just a Philadelphia sports fan, but a passionate Philadelphia Sports fan. He wasn’t one of those parents who ditched the Eagles for the Cowboys because the Cowboys were “America’s Team”. He wasn’t one of those parents who stopped taking me to Vet Stadium because our starting shortstop was Steve Jeltz. Through thick and thin, he always watched and supported. Through Bubby Brister, Von Hayes, Koy Detmer, Roman Chechmanek… he always rooted and supported. Along with that, it was our only means of communication. I remember asking my dad one day, “Dad, can you teach me about the birds and the bees.” His response, “When the birds and the bees come out it’s spring training for the Phillies!” Thanks for that dad. Three kids later, I think I figured that out.

Besides that, my father (not a very religious man), taught me that Sunday was not meant for church, it was meant for football! Every holiday, birthday, family event was always scheduled around a sports game. When his granddaughter was baptized, he was annoyed that they scheduled the party the same day as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. the Philadelphia Eagle in the NFC Championship, a game the Eagles were supposed to win and close out the Vet. We all know how that ended.

At 38 years old, sports are my life. While growing up I always wanted to be a sports writer. I was our high school paper sports editor. I was the PA announcer at 3 of our high school football games. I wrote and directed Sterling sports spotlights my senior year of high school (which were aired once a week on our morning news). I applied to and was accepted to Syracuse school of communication and was planning on attending. Then I met Larry Kane during a school outing to the local TV station. He stated that you have to work for pennies and pick and travel across country to live at a moments notice. Being that I still live in the town I grew up in, I knew I always wanted to stay local, hence, the term “MAYOR”. Since I didn’t take up sports writing, I chose to be an accountant. Boring, but it’s a living. My real PASSION is sports. I hope you enjoy my columns and keep you entertained and thinking about sports.


  1. Carl Zweigle, April 12, 2012:

    Good idea Joe. You are totally qualified to take on this novel approach. Of all the kids Greg hangs with, you remain the gnatty, pesky, mucker, fly paper stuck to your hands kind of guy. I look forward to ensuing stories. Also – Nice bio on you Dad, I’ll bet he loves it. – Carl Sr.

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