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Most Overrated / Underrated Fantasy Football Players Rounds 1 – 7

Hello fantasy football geeks,

Fantasy Football season is among us and today I’m going to give you a round by round analysis of the most overrated and underrated player in the projected first seven rounds. The first seven rounds are typically where you get your entire starting lineup in place. You can find these rankings from’s website under the fantasy section. Every year people reach for players and also overlooking certain players for whatever reason. In this article I’m hoping to help you make smarter decisions in your upcoming draft and better suited to succeed this season. If you’ve already had your draft, I’m sorry, but maybe you can either trade for or trade away a player on this list before they disappoint you or explode and their stock value becomes too high. I know you’re all eager, so let’s get started.

***Rounds will be ranked as if this were a 12-person league***

-1st Round, Ranks 1-12: David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, LeSean McCoy, Melvin Gordon, DeMarco Murray, AJ Green, Jay Ajayi and Devonta Freeman.

Overrated: Jay Ajayi

  • Sometimes it’s hard to find an “overrated” player within the first round, but if I had to choose it comes down to Melvin Gordon and Jay Ajayi. Everyone else in the top 12 has had at least two years of being a consistent top player at their position. Both Ajayi and Gordon were break-out players a season ago and no one really expected them to take that next step so quickly. Between the two I would say the safer pick would be Melvin Gordon, which would make Jay Ajayi the most overrated player in the first round. Ajayi is a good player don’t get me wrong, but even last year it seemed like he would give you a 200-yard game or nothing. Depending on how Jay Cutler plays, teams will stack the box against this power runner and it might be hard for him to find squeezable running lanes to rush through. Don’t be discouraged if you draft(ed) Ajayi, but just know there is reason to be cautious.

Underrated: Mike Evans

  • Similar to being overrated, it’s hard to find an underrated player in the first round; they are in the first round after all. This player to me seems to be the most underrated player in the first round because every mock draft I’ve been a part of he just slides out of the top ten. I’m guilty of such things too while I do my own rankings; he just blanks my mind and I forget about him until I get into the late second round. I understand Mike Evans is not Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham nor Julio Jones, however Evans is Jameis Winston’s favorite target and his receptions, yards and more importantly his touchdowns have gone up from year one to year two. Some worry about the additions of OJ Howard and DeSean Jackson, but if anything the two will help the offense be more explosive and potentially more red-zone looks for Evans. Mike Evans will continue to be a top wide receiver and still finish in the top five at his position. Draft at no risk.

-2nd Round, Ranks 13-24: Jordy Nelson, Jordan Howard, Michael Thomas, Dez Bryant, TY Hilton, Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley, Marshawn Lynch, Leonard Fournette, Brandin Cooks, Doug Baldwin and Rob Gronkowski.

Overrated: Leonard Fournette

  • Call me crazy, but rookies scare me no matter how talented they are. Last year people were spoiled with talented rookie running backs Ezekiel Elliott and Jordan Howard. Well, another batch of talented runners enter into this season and once again are highly ranked. I guarantee you this has nothing to do with my basis against rookie runners, but more along the line of Fournette not even being the best looking rookie in pre-season thus far. Adding dirt to the wound, Fournette has also been dealing with a foot injury and has limited game action. Also something to ponder is the quarterback issue. Blake Bortles or Chad Henne, this team could be down a lot this season and that doesn’t leave many opportunities for Leonard Fournette to get his rushing attempts in now does it? I like what Fournette brings to the Jaguars, but I believe the second round is too early to take a gamble on him. Grab a more consistent and safe veteran instead.

Underrated: Doug Baldwin

  • Doug Baldwin is consistently undervalued on a yearly basis. He’s falling into the third and fourth rounds in some mocks. Fantasy players either love him and want him as their #1 WR or instantly write him off their board. Baldwin may be in a run-first type of offense, but he’s been a top ten fantasy WR the past two years and his targets, receptions and yards have increased the past three years. What more can you ask of a player that’s consistently been in the top ten and is the clear best receiving option on his respected team? Give Doug Baldwin credit and don’t be afraid to draft him.

-3rd Round, Ranks 25-36: Lamar Miller, Amari Cooper, DeAndre Hopkins, Isaiah Crowell, Joe Mixon, Christian McCaffrey, Demaryius Thomas, Carlos Hyde, Terrelle Pryor, Alshon Jeffery, Allen Robinson and CJ Anderson.

Overrated: Christian McCaffrey

  • The rookie anti-basis continues, but with good reason. McCaffrey has looked impressive in pre-season; however he’s not even the ‘starting’ running back for the Panthers. Sure he has value in PPR leagues of course, but is that worth using one of your first three picks on? It’s not to me. McCaffrey is currently the third rookie running back off the board. Where he’s currently going in the drafts, I’d rather pass and get a player I know for sure will produce and help me win a championship. Let’s not forget that his quarterback Cam Newton likes to steal red-zone rushing touchdowns, which is why Jonathan Stewart’s value has been decreasing in recent years. If you have other viable options, I would advise taking them instead.

Underrated: Isaiah Crowell

  • If Crowell was on almost any other team except the Cleveland Browns, he’d be closer to a first round pick than being unappreciated in the third. Crowell may not bring much PPR value to your team, but he’s a workhorse for the Browns and his volume of touches is enough to get any fantasy owner excited. This will be the year he breaks the 1000-yard mark and you don’t want to be that guy who passed on him do you? I didn’t think so. Regardless who the starting quarterback is for the Browns, Hue Jackson knows the teams’ best chance at winning is running the ball and feeding this bell-cow. Get the Crow while he’s still undervalued.

-4th Round, Ranks 37-48: Sammy Watkins, Michael Crabtree, Tyreek Hill, Jarvis Landry, Travis Kelce, Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Reed, Tom Brady, Bilal Powell, Dalvin Cook, Spencer Ware and Emmanuel Sanders.

Overrated: Bilal Powell

  • This was between Powell and Spencer Ware, but when you compare the two at least Ware is still the starter for the Kansas City Chiefs. Look, I understand all the hype that surrounds Powell this season. The offense is going to be horrible, Matt Forte is past his prime and seemingly always injured, someone has to be an offensive spark for the New York Jets right? Of course, but is that player guaranteed to be Powell, a guy that always gets lost in the shuffle at some point during the season? We’ll see after the season is over, but I encourage you not to take the risk on ‘potential’ in the fourth round. Let someone else endure the season-long headache that’ll be the Jet’s offense for you.

Underrated: Michael Crabtree

  • The amount of disrespect Crabtree gets is ridiculous! Fantasy enthusiasts are high on teammate Amari Cooper, with good reason, but look at the stats. Seriously, go look at them. Better yet, I’ll bring them to you.
  • 2015:
  • Cooper – 72 Receptions, 1070 Yards, 6 Touchdowns
  • Crabtree – 85 Receptions, 922 Yards, 9 Touchdowns
  • 2016:
  • Cooper – 83 Receptions, 1153 Yards, 5 Touchdowns
  • Crabtree – 89 Receptions, 1003 Yards, 8 Touchdowns
  • They’re almost identical. Amari Cooper is going in the second round and you can get similar production here two rounds later. Of course, Cooper has the higher ceiling, regardless Crabtree is a safe pick and you should have no worries if he’s on your team.

-5th Round, Ranks 49-60: Golden Tate, Keenan Allen, Greg Olsen, Davante Adams, Drew Brees, Frank Gore, Mike Gillislee, Ty Montgomery, Larry Fitzgerald, Andrew Luck, Stefon Diggs and Mark Ingram.

Overrated: Mike Gillislee

  • I was all aboard the Gillislee hype train, but I came back to reality after watching their pre-season games. He’s nothing more than an afterthought to me now. If Bill Belichick hating everyone’s fantasy team wasn’t enough to get you turned off Gillislee, then an injury forcing him to miss all of pre-season has too. The running back was supposed to fill in the role left by LeGarrette Blount and get some of the 18 touchdowns in the committee of runners. Now it appears Gillislee might be put on the back burner and has to work his way back into the Patriots pecking order. Any Patriots running back is a risky play, but drafting Mike Gillislee as a high RB2 is not a wise business choice. Stay away from this backfield at all costs!

Underrated: Larry Fitzgerald

  • I feel that every year Larry Fitzgerald drops farther and farther on fantasy boards and I don’t understand why. Fitzgerald still produces like a top ten receiver and is the only guy within the core on the team worth targeting. John Brown has been dealing with injuries, JJ Nelson is a mystery, Jaron Brown is the current #2 on the depth chart, but how long will that hold. Carson Palmer is going to look Fitzgerald’s way a lot this season. This might be Larry Fitzgerald’s last year as a professional football player and I cannot wait to see what his potential finale season holds. This is a receiver with low WR1 value in the fifth round.

6th Round, Ranks 61-72: Eddie Lacy, Jamison Crowder, Ameer Abdullah, Paul Perkins, Tevin Coleman, Donte Moncrief, Martavis Bryant, LeGarrette Blount, Julian Edelman, DeSean Jackson, Jimmy Graham and Matt Ryan.

Overrated: Paul Perkins

  • Alright, Paul Perkins seems to be defaulted into the sixth round simply by being the current starting running back for the New York Giants. Until I know who the for sure starter is for the G-Men, I’m not drafting a single one. Even still how much of a guarantee is there for that player during the course of a season? This backfield just screams ‘DON’T TOUCH’. This group of backs is more of a free agent bye week fill-in player, not a draft selection within the first six rounds.

Underrated: Jamison Crowder

  • Jamison Crowder is the only starting wide receiver quarterback Kirk Cousins has returning this season. Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson both left town in free agency and now Crowder is stepping into a bigger role. Each year Crowder’s production and stat line increases and now with Terrelle Pryor as really the only other big play receiver on the roster, Crowder looks poised for a break-out season. Of course he has more value in PPR formats, but he still holds good value as he’ll be used a lot from the slot this upcoming season. Cousins already has a good chemistry with Crowder and that should only continue to build the trust between the two. Cousins is looking for a new contract after the season and he’s going to ball out this year. Crowder is going to be a beneficiary of his goal. Don’t be afraid of this wide out.

7th Round, Ranks 73-84: Doug Martin, Danny Woodhead, Delanie Walker, Adrian Peterson, Tyler Eifert, Theo Riddick, Pierre Garcon, Kelvin Benjamin, Willie Snead, Corey Davis, Brandon Marshall and Marcus Mariota.

Overrated: Theo Riddick

  • Theo Riddick’s workload is going to decrease this upcoming season with a healthy Ameer Abdullah returning for injury. Riddick’s value has always been from a PPR standpoint and with players returning from injury and more options in the passing game, his value is only going to drop. Drafting Riddick this early in the draft would put him around a mid RB2 and at that kind of value, there are better options on the board. Adding to the dislike, the Detroit Lions have one of the worst running games in the league. Avoid this player at all costs.

Underrated: Adrian Peterson

  • Sure Adrian Peterson isn’t the same player he once was a few years ago when he was winning the rushing title almost on a yearly basis, but he’s going to be in the best offense he has ever been a part of along with the best quarterback he’s had. The presence of Drew Brees alone is going to open so many open running lanes for Peterson this season. The Saints backfield is a little crowded with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara pairing up with Peterson, but they all have different play-styles that head coach Sean Payton will undoubtedly use to take advantage of mismatches. If you are able to get AP as your RB2 this late in the draft go for it withoutP hesitation.

That concludes today’s read about the fantasy football draft rounds one through seven. Hope this helps you get the best seven starting players for your team so you can start your year successfully. Next time I’ll finish the draft going over rounds eight through fourteen. If you ever have any questions please feel free to comment or message me. Follow us on Twitter @FootballTalkSFT and tweet us questions there as well. Don’t forget to comment, like and share all of our post. Until next time, have a great day!

-Austin Thomas

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