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Movie Review : 47 Meters Down

By Jess Ragni

First let me start off by saying that this is not a Jaws remake, this is not a Sharknado wanna be, this is truly a movie of real life survival and is incredible.

Mandy Moore stars in this film as Lisa, who along with her sister Kate goes on a vacation together.  Lisa and her boyfriend have recently separated and Kate feels getting Lisa away on a vacation will help her get over her loss of the relationship.

So they decide to go to Mexico to have the times of their lives.

One night they are at a club and they meet two guys who want to show them some of the sites and take them on a cage trip which is done out in the ocean off a boat.

Matthew Modine stars as the owner of this boating establishment and his name is Captain Taylor.  What Captain Taylor does is he takes people out on his boat, they throw chum into the water to bring in the sharks so people can see them up close and sends them down in a secure cage for them to experience all of the beautiful wonders of the sea.  All the beautiful fish, coral, and see how beautiful the water and experience can be.

As they are preparing to get in the cage they see two sharks come in for the chum and one is at least 20 and the other is about 24 feet per Captain Taylor.

The girls start to get nervous but Kate is the more fearless one and gets in first, the Lisa gets into the cage and they begin to descend with their scuba gear on and are lowered down.

At first all is wonderful, they are seeing all of these beautiful fish, brightly colored, the corals, puffer fish, and enjoying all of what they are seeing.  The next thing they know the cage bangs and drops a bit, they are still connected to Captain Taylor with mouthpieces and earphones, they alert him of the bang, and then all hell breaks loose.

The cable gives way and sends them 47 meters down where the sharks are starting to swarm.  Lisa gets herself free from the cage to get in range where she can communicate to Captain Taylor that they are 47 meters down, he asks all their oxygen levels and to get back into the cage.  He sends a grew down to put a new hitch to bring them up, unfortunately he meets his demise to a hungry shark but Lisa goes to save the day yet again.

From here you will need to see how these girls survive,  it’s pure adrenaline pumping, cheering, edge of your seat excitement that you need to experience firsthand.

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