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Movie Review : Aftermath

by Jess Ragni

It’s taken me awhile to put my thoughts together to really write a review about this film due to the nature for one, the understanding of all the events two, and three how to make sense of all of it due to the way this film was done.

First off let me just start with whomever chose Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wardrobe for this film needed to be fired or was blind, I have never seen clothes so hideous in my life.  His clothes made the elaborate dress that Scarlett O’Hara made out of curtains looks like something Nordstrom’s.

So the film starts off with Roman (Schwarzenegger), the foreman being on the job working while his wife and daughter are on their way from Germany to be together as a family again.  His daughter was pregnant with their first grandchild and he had a room prepared for her and the baby.  His boss tells him to leave early, go home, get the house ready which Roman tells him he already has, boss tells him again well what about traffic and getting yourself ready jokingly.  Roman finally gives in and heads home.

He departs his home with time to spare so that he can arrive at the airport early; when he arrives he sees that the flight has been delayed, once he goes to inquire why he is taking to a conference room where they inform him there’s been an accident-of which at the time they are incorrect.

Meanwhile in the traffic control center, controller named Jake comes in for his nightly post to cover the flights coming in and going out.  He gets the nightly turn over from the controller coming off his nightly post and leaves, day begins for Jake.  Now while this is going on one flight (Roman’s family’s flight) is trying to reach the controller as they see another flight in their sites AFTER Jake has told them to go to 1000 feet, this puts both planes on a collision course.

Jake never heard the call from the other airline because his headset was on the desk as he was using a phone due to connection issues.

The two planes collide and no one survives.

Roman has gone home prior to this happening following the instructions of the airline grief counselor.  However, when he awakes the news is on and it’s on the news.  He heads to the crash site and says that he wants to help find survivors.  In his walk he finds his daughter’s necklace, (mind you all searching are dressed in white hazmat suits), now after finding the necklace you can see his pace pick up and sadly he finds his daughter hanging from a tree still strapped in her seat.  He gets her down and holds her wailing while others surround him.  They find his wife and then you see him sitting in the shelter area where they are keeping all the bodies.  He is sitting between both of the body bags just staring.

He takes time from work after the three of them are buried-wife, daughter and the unborn grandchild.  A year later a memorial is built and it’s based after his daughter’s necklace.

While all this is going on Jake has been suspended, death threats are made against him, his family home is defaced, his marriage is falling apart, he meets with his bosses and they offer to take him back but in a different position however;  he has to see a counselor and this just enrages him that he walks out because basically not only would he either have to take a different position with a lower pay or change his name, move and start a new life-which he finally opts to do after seeing a therapist only to get meds of which he tries to kill himself by taking them after his wife and child leave to give them space.

Roman still hasn’t returned to work, his boss checks on him and says whenever he’s ready he can come back.  He can tell that Roman is still grieving and angry (all understandable).  After Roman is visited by a reporter to talk about his story he is able to find out from her where the controller has now moved and what his name is now.  Also during this time he has sued the airline but in all fairness he really doesn’t want a financial settlement, he wants them to admit to the incident and apologize.  The attorney’s won’t look at the photo he carries with him for his family and tells him that his best option is to accept their settlement.  So feeling that no one is truly doing anything about this drastic mistake, horrible incident and the death of his family he takes matters in his own hands.

You will want to see how this cat and mouse plays out but in the end Roman does in a sense get the closure he needs where he feels Jake gets the punishment he deserves.

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