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Movie Review : Courier X

Courier X

by Jess Ragni

This film is called the film that the CIA tried to stop and after watching it you can understand why.

Udo Kier brings his talent back to the screen as Nathan Vogel who is one that is able to  find you the man to smuggle anything you want to anywhere you want without incident.

The film goes in such depth to show how the CIA works with such people to enhance their lives but keeping it on the down low so that they don’t get caught for their personal gain but still climb the ladder in the government, but at the same time shows the power, the stress and the toll that it can take on some that are sited for the transgressions.

The film is such an eye opener as to how well the government can work hand in hand to assist in matters but then when they don’t get exactly what they want how they can not only terminate their ties, their gain or those that were once expendable ARE expendable.

For those that are history, government corruption and conspiracy theory fanatics will absolutely LOVE this film.

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