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Movie Review : Despicable Me 3

By Jess Ragni


On the Fourth of July it was a tad dreary out and they were calling for some thunderstorms so we decided to take family night indoors to see this.

So Gru finds out that he has a brother Dru, he finds this out after being fired along with his wife Lucy from The Anti-Villain League.  Turns out when Gru finds out he has a brother after talking to his mother he decides to search out and meet this long lost brother, who then informs him that their father was the most wonderful villain of all time.  Dru asks Gru to teach him so the adventures begin.

This time they need to obtain a precious diamond from a 1980’s dancing villain called Balthazar Bratt.  The dance off between Gru and Bratt is comical but must say that this film fell rather short from the others.

I’m not saying to write the film off however, don’t go into it with the expectations that this will be as good as the other two cause you will be let down just a tad.

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