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Movie Review : Havenhurst

by Jess Ragni

This film was produced by the ones behind Saw, which is a fantastic series and love the Saw movies; therefore thought that I had to give this one a chance.

Film begins with Jackie coming out of a rehabilitation center in which they send her to this gothic style Manhattan area apartment complex, that I must say is stunning and beautiful to the eye.  Not like any rehabilitation center I have ever seen.  The house is run by a woman, seemingly comes across like the motherly/grandmotherly type however she holds a deep dark secret.  The rules are very simple, she inherited the stately home and turned it into an apartment complex for those in recovery with simple rules-do not go back to your old habits, be honest, hold a job and don’t go against the rules and you can live there rent free forever.

Prior to Jackie getting out of the rehabilitation center she was trying to get ahold of her dear friend Danielle(played by Danielle Harris), where after futile attempts to reach her she had headed to Havenhurst only to find out that she was placed in Danielle’s old room where Danielle’s items were left behind.  When she approaches Eleanor about it she is told that it was just a coincident.  Ummm yeah.

The film is very gripping and you can’t look away.  As the story continues, Jackie begins to meet up with this little girl Sarah who tells her of some of the creepy things that go on at the apartment.  When Jackie starts noticing things herself, like hearing the woman in an apartment below her getting murdered after being evicted for not following the rules, Jackie calls her friend Tim who is a police officer who realizes that she’s not losing her mind and is in severe danger.

The third night that Jackie is there Sarah’s household has a huge fight in which Sarah comes to Jackie for help because she is afraid of her stepfather.  Well mysteriously he meets his demise.

Eleanor finds out that Jackie is starting to meddle and decides that now Jackie is breaking the rules and puts an eviction notice on her door while Jackie is actually at the library finding out the truth about Havenhurst.  Then Sarah and Jackie find a secret room in all the apartments as well as in the basement.  Jackie reports to Tim her findings that the house was actually owned and still owned by the family of the serial killer H. H. Holmes who was notorious in the 19th century.

The rest you can find out on your own-you won’t want to miss but Danielle Harris fans will be upset cause she only is in the film five minutes tops.


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