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Movie Review : IT

by Jess Ragni

So I decided that enough time had gone by and it was time for me to write a review on the latest version of IT with Bill Skarsgård as good ole Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

I will admit at first I was VERY conflicted about the film, I was a true diehard fan of Stephen King’s IT with Tim Curry (who to me will always be Pennywise); I read the book after it originally came out and was the first one I ever read to completion, even rebought a copy to read again.  I went as far as to rent the original off Amazon just so my husband could see it.  I tried to watch it with my daughter and Tim Curry’s Pennywise petrified her, but Bill Skarsgård made her laugh.

This time they are doing the film in two parts.  This part that is out in theaters now is the kids side of the story and next year will be a sequel as them all as adults.

The book and this rendition was closer than the original however, I am a stickler for tiny things…..the book was originally based in 1959 where this version is 1989, immediately said to my husband ‘this is wrong, this is all wrong’ only to be shushed by him.  Once I settled in that the context was spot on I accepted it better.

There was a lot more suspense than in the original and there was a lot more decay, scenes more that came from the book than the TV miniseries version.

I will say that I was pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to see how the adult piece will play out.  The kids were likable but you need to go with open mind and forget if you ever saw the original.

So the decision is yours……………….but remember we all float


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