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Movie Review – Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond

by Bay Ragni

Almost 20 years later Jim Carrey releases tons of rare behind the scenes footage and opens up about becoming and I mean becoming Andy Kaufman for the film “Man on the Moon”

As Jim finally shows all this footage, that he explains Universal Pictures did not want him showing because they didn’t want the world to think he was an asshole.

It is amazing, scary and sad to literally watch Andy Kaufman come back to life in this documentary and you get to see “Andy” interact not only with the cast and crew, but real-life family and friends, which I truly wonder what it was like for Andy’s family members to experience this.

Much like “Man on the Moon”, we got to have Andy come back to life and bring us those smiles again, but we also went through the journey of Andy’s losing battle with cancer, which even as Carrey channeled his inner Andy, he also acts as if he is sick and dying from cancer.

This is truly an amazing thing to watch, and also draining because everyone on set never got to directly deal with Jim, it was always Andy or Andy’s alter ego, Tony Clifton.

You got see the parallel rise of both Andy and Jim in this Netflix documentary exclusive with Jim’s insight explaining things as you see them.

Brilliant, interesting, funny and sad are the emotions you with feel and witness, as this is truly a must see for any fan of Andy Kaufman, and Jim Carrey as you truly get to learn about the man behind the mask as well.

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