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Movie Review : John Wick Chapter 2

Movie Review : John Wick Chapter 2

by Jess Ragni


If you loved John Wick then you will love this one just as much if not more.  It’s obvious that he did NOT retire and still wanted vengeance and that he got and then some.  Remember, you don’t kill his dog and you don’t take his car.

In this one he had an debt to settle in which he wasn’t being given a choice at all, and for those of you remember that his car was stolen, don’t worry he gets it back and then some.

John returns home after the first film with a new dog, named Dog, and he still works with Aurelio who is again played by the excellent John Leguizamo.

This time for John to settle the debt he has to work with another assassin that he had thought he was forever done with unfortunately for him he wasn’t.  He fulfills the debt but then becomes the most targeted assassin with a HUGE bounty on his head.

John does go to the Continental Hotel again to meet with Winston (Ian McShane) before persuing this to get his opinion of which he is advised.

To say anymore would take too much away from your enjoyment but know-this isn’t over and know this as well………… won’t be disappointed one bit.


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