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Movie Review : Logan

Review by Jess Ragni

I must admit I have never seen any of the Wolverine movies, and I love Hugh Jackman but with all the hype that was surrounding this, plus the fact Sir Patrick Stewart was in it, I finally broke down and watched this.

Film starts off seeing Hugh Jackman as a chauffeur driver, and must say with being a car nut turned to my husband to say WHAT IS THAT, turned out that this film was set in 2029….oh well but the car is cool as all hell.

Anyway…..the mutant population has basically become nonexistent and all of the X-Men have disbanded from one another.  Now not only is Logan taking on the chauffeur deal but he’s taking care of the ailing Professor X, which really bothered me cause I hold Sir Patrick Stewart at high esteem and seeing what the inevitable was going to be upset me.  So while Logan is doing all of this he gets asked to drive a woman and her daughter (who turns out to actually be his daughter).

Professor X takes the girl under her wing, tries to train her and teach her how to deal with her mutant abilities and all the while he and Logan are protecting her from a bunch of thugs that want to learn about her abilities.

The ending of the film I will say make sure you have your Kleenex cause if I say too much it will take too much away from the whole film but it is a must see to only go to prove that dark forces are still around and can be defeated.

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