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Movie Review : Spiderman – Homecoming

by Jess Ragni

Our daughter is a HUGE Spiderman fan, and went as far as to sit in the theater with her Spiderman hoodie on that zips up that people would have actually thought that Spiderman was sitting in the theater itself.

The film portrays Peter Parker as a high school student, 15 years old who is was thrilled with his experience with the Avengers and is taken under the wing of Tony Stark (for those of you who are Robert Downey Jr fans, he’s not in it as much as I would have liked but does appear and has his fantastic sarcasm).  At any rate, Tony has a new suit created for Peter in which it has a tracking device in it and it’s delivered to Peter by Happy Hogan.

Now I have to say there were some references to other superhero films and I being who I am, got totally excited over the whole thing.

Now not only is Peter working with Happy and Tony Stark, but Aunt May is in this film played by Marissa Tomei (love her as an actress but do not expect her to be the older, fragile, white haired Aunt May we all grew up with knowing-nope not this time).

The film also stars old time actress Tyne Daly (Cagney and Lacey from the 80s) who shuts down a construction/restoration site of which is run by the forman known as Adrian Toomes-played by none other than Michael Keaton.  This grabbed me from this moment on because it was wow Batman is in this (not really but we all know that Michael Keaton played Batman in 1989 and 1992).

Peter Parker gets a tad full of himself and realizes that he doesn’t like being tracked so he has the tracker removed from the suit, has his techy friend remove and reset the suit which is when all the fun begins as now Peter has to fully learn how to use this suit solo.

Michael Keaton turns out to play the villan known as the Vulture and I have to say all the costumes in this film were amazing, the action packed excitement keeps you entertained, and in time Stark builds Peter a new suit to be one of the Avengers……………..maybe…………………..time will tell.

Highly recommend this for anyone that is a kid at heart even if you aren’t a comic fan(which I am not, I don’t follow comics, I just remember cartoons from when I was a kid) and have to admit when Michael Keaton came out as the Vulture I had to turn and ask my husband “Ummm who’s he?” My husband told me without even laughing cause he knows I don’t know everything like he does or my daughter does about comics or Spiderman.

So if your Spidey senses are tingling……by all means go check it out.

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