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Movie Review : The Fate of the Furious

by Bay Ragni

Well Dom and the crew are back for an 8th round, I know hard to believe but the 8th installment of “The Fast and the Furious” Movie franchise. Now mind you I have been a fan of all of the movies, we’ll all but the 2nd one. I am also a huge fan of car chase movies, and have been since a little kid. Remember the Dukes of Hazzard.

Well Fast and the Furious have become the Dukes on steroids, with the globetrotting crew of bounty hunters that Liam Neeson wouldn’t even be able to catch.

Being this is the first movie post Brian O’Connell (Paul Walker)era, going into this even after seeing the trailer I wasn’t all that excited for the movie. So opening night my wife and I were at the theater strapped in and ready to find out what the fate of the furious really was.

It started out kind of slow, but enter our new villain, “Cipher” (Charlize Theron) who plays a Dark, sadistic and twisted character which really made this movie go into a deep area, I wasn’t expecting.

In this movie we see NYC taken over by Zombie cars, (which makes you wonder), blatant killings, see more bad guys turn good, car chases that were more realistic than the fight scenes and a happy ending with a bunch of laughs, and an opening for the 9th installment.

Seriously though, the fight scenes are just a little carried away, and wish they would scale them back and make it more realistic, but hey it’s Hollywood, I mean we have a submarine chasing a Lamborghini in this one.

Overall it was a lot better than I expected, and I’m actually excited to see where they go in FF9, and see if they can set another global box office record.

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