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Movie Review : The Founder

by Jess Ragni


Michael Keaton portrays Ray Kroc who started out as a door to door salesman in which the last thing he is trying to sell is a multi milkshake maker.  He’s traveling all cities and states, hardly home and hitting places like the drive in restuarants with the waitresses that bring the trays/food to your cars.  At one of his stops he calls the main office to find out that a place called McDonald’s wants 8 milkshake makers in California so back to California he goes to check this place out.

He arrives to find it is a walk up where you get your order in 30 seconds.  He’s amazes and introduces himself to the brothers running this establishment only to form a partnership with them.  Now the brothers were originally against it because of how Kroc was so pushy.

So now Ray Kroc decides they need to franchise-he approaches the brothers and again they are against it due to the fact that you won’t be able to have the hands on with each restaurant to ensure that they are all up to the brothers standards.

Well Ray won’t take no for an answer and starts the process and gets several established in a short amount of time only after taking  a second mortgage on his home which he doesn’t tell his wife.  He is a part of an elite club which he goes to one evening with his wife and talks a few of his friends to buy in and then when he says that they are changing the menus, adding items, etc he shows up on a golf course and tells them that they are wrong for what they are doing, turns around, walks away and leaves the club.  That night he takes his wife out to dinner and they meet this couple, they now start a franchise.

This goes on until Ray is informed he’s going into the red and the bank will not loan anymore, then they call his home and his wife finds out about the second mortgage-shortly there after their marriage ends.

In the mean time, one of the other franchise wives calls Ray with a synthetic milkshake that would save them costs by cutting the temperature for the ice cream walk in, and they taste just like the regular milkshakes-again Ray takes this to the brothers and they baulk at it but Ray goes with it anyway and now they are all making money.

Ray turns around and now turns around and gets a financial advisor which is actually one of his original employees.  He suggests that not only do they keep the franchises going but that should purchase land not just establishments, this way he gets proceeds in full for the land and franchise.  Of which now means he own the brothers and their business.  The brothers are devastated but Ray comes out on top.

This film is truly an eye opener on how this who franchise of McDonald’s was built and how two brothers lost their dream to just one man who was just one step ahead of the game.

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