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Movie Review : War for the Planet of the Apes

By Bay Ragni

War has begun, it is here, after a 3 year wait we finally have the release of the latest installment of the Planet of the Apes for the new millennium, in which I am going to say is truly the prequel to the original set of movies.

One thing I have to say too, is we ended up going to the 3D showing, which I usually am not a fan because I am never impressed with it and don’t want to spend the extra 5 bucks. This might be the best 3D movie, I have seen. It was consistent through the whole movie, not just scenes, and it really put you in the situations in which you were in the room, the wilderness, the scenes with this 3-dimensional film.

In “War” time has moved on, and it is now 15 years later, and Caesar you can see has aged, as he has more of a salt and pepper look to his fur.

The War has been waging on between the humans and the apes, in which this movie is just that, a war movie. You see the struggle of war on the ground, and the loss of life that would be reminiscent of any war.

We saw the hardship of war on both sides in this movie, and the effect it takes on both sides, the people involved, their families, individuals. When you hear the statement “War is Hell”, this movie shows you glimpses of that hell.

We see classic character additions in this film,

We get introduced to a young girl, who gets named Nova, after an old name plate off a Chevy Nova, what else. Nova if you remember was the female character in the first two original films, that befriended, Taylor in the Original, and Brent in the sequel

We also meet Caesar’s very young son, Cornelius which is the Ape who played the major role in all the original series of movies who helped the humans.

We also get to meet a new character, who stole the film and brought smiles and laughs to the crowd in attendance.

Welcome Bad Ape, to the Ape family, who’s character is a lovable ape, who is very happy in his hideaway away from the war, but he now with his new friends, in which he ends up helping them go into the true heart of war.

We lose some major ape characters along the way of the film, which again shows you that no one is safe in war, and the mind tricks it plays on the people involved.

With the re-installment series of the Apes over the past few years, it truly seems the Apes franchise has gained mainstream respect as the theater was filled with people that just came out of a comic con, or a star trek convention, but it was a normal everyday crowd with all types of walks of life.

Go see War, but make sure you see Rise & Dawn first to truly know and understand the Ape story, and Go Ape and remember Apes Together Strong.

Rating – 4 out of 4 stars

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