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Movie Reviews : Bad Moms

By Jess Ragni

I have to admit that this movie was funny as hell.  It truly, in my opinion, showed what it’s really like for us ‘real moms’ who are out there in the world.  None of us are perfect, we make mistakes, and we aren’t stepford wives that follow the stepford handbook that life is perfect-why?  CAUSE IT’S NOT.

Mila Kunas stars in this as one of the considered ‘perfect moms’ until she finds that her husband has been having relations online with a woman miles away but that basically are sex-skyping and she throws him out-good for her.  Then she is trying to juggle her life alone (which as she stated she’s basically been doing cause she fell out of love with her husband a long time ago because he basically just took up space), and now she is a single mom doing all the everyday things alone.

She goes from one pitfall to another and is a member of the PTA which is headed by Christina Applegate, who after Mila Kunas shows up at a bake sale with store bought donuts, makes her life a living hell.

During this time she becomes very tight with two other mothers, Kristen Bell (Kiki) and Kathryn Hahn (Carla) who are basically doing things alone as well, can’t stand how the PTA wants everyone to be so perfect.  Kiki is a mother of 4, two of which are twins and the best scene is when Mila Kunas (Amy) calls her after ditching work and says “want to go to lunch: and Kiki says yes, then they get Carla to go and they are having the times of their lives until Kiki’s husband shows up and lays into her for not being home, leaving the children with a babysitter and does she want someone else to raise their children.  My heart went out to her on that one and so did Amy and Carla’s; they were both dumbfounded and surprised by what they witnessed.

Later on they all plan a girls night out and they go out and really party, they decide that they are not going to be the ‘perfect moms’ they are going to be the ‘bad moms’ where they more or less are going to make their children more accountable for taking care of themselves and doing things for themselves instead of doing their school projects for them, homework for them and other things.

Well now we come to PTA elections……………this was the best ever, I’m not going to say how or what goes down because you just have to see it for yourself, especially when Christina Applegate and her crew show up, which includes Jada Pinkett Smith.  This part of the film is absolutely hysterical because the elections are the next day and the new head of the PTA is announced.

If you want to have a fun night with the girls or even a movie date night with your husband this film is one to watch.  Both of us laughed quite a lot thru this whole film and found it thoroughly enjoyable

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