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Nellie Newsletter : July 2017

So, here we are. Me and the cat, (And Sock Monkey, of course!) sitting around the house in the middle of a heat wave writing the next Nellie Newsletter. No, seriously, it was like 102 degrees the other day and it’s going back up tomorrow!

And where’s Alison, you ask? Why, she’s right in the middle of the latest version of the Nasty Nellie Oleson tour of Hollywood! The Tour that I’ll never be able to take – she keeps talking about ME!! (“What about me?, asked Sock Monkey. I should be able to go!” Shhh, Monkey, not now!) They’re probably stopping for milkshakes right now . . .

So, let’s see. What’s been going on? Why, so much that I don’t even know where to begin! OK, so first there was O Comic Con in Omaha! Wow! Did Alison have a great time, or what?!!! She loved them, they loved her, and a good time was had by all! She got to hang out with Caroll Spinney (Big Bird), got an autographed picture from Rob Paulsen (Pinky of Pinky & the Brain) who said “Egad!, Narf!, Poit!, Splonk!, and Zort!”, and got me an autographed picture from Ray Park (Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)!

Then she went to De Smet, South Dakota and met up with her good buddy, Dean Butler, (Almanzo Wilder). Another great time for both of them! Here’s a TV News article with interviews by Dean and Alison : De Smet InterviewsSpecial thanks to Tessa and Melanie, and all the volunteers who made the weekend such a success!

Now for the famous schedule:

In a couple of weeks, to start August off with a bang, Alison, Rachel Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls) and Brian Part (Carl Sanderson Edwards) will be Grand Marshals of the Ed Perine Memorial Parade taking place as part of Fiesta Days 50th Anniversary on August 4-6, 2017. Their duties as marshals will include a Meet & Greet along with autograph signing and pictures with the fans! For the Grand Marshalls on the official Fiesta Days website, go to: Fiesta Days Grand Marshalls The celebration will be at Frazier Mountain Park, 3801 Park Drive, Frazier Park, CA 93225 Now, I’m taking a day off work and we’re going to make a weekend of it.  This is their 50th Anniversary celebration, and I get the feeling they’re pulling out all the stops. Could be memorable, I’m just sayin’ . . .  And there will be a lot of contests, too. From last year’s schedule, there was a Fiesta Days Queen contest, a pet show, a banana eating contest, a Lego contest, a pie eating contest, a watermelon eating contest, arm wrestling, sack race, three legged race, and a log sawing contest, to name a few. And both admission and parking are free!  And here’s an interview with Alison in LA Beat talking about Fiesta Days:  LA Beat Interview

And then, Alison and Tour Guide Extraordinaire Richard Sebastian present the next episode of the Nasty Nellie Oleson Tour of Hollywood. This one will be on Sunday, August 20th.  The tours are $85.00, and run from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. And they are now starting at the brand new Dearly Departed Tours and Artifact Museum at 5601 Santa Monica Blvd. (right across the street from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Of course!) Check it out here: Dearly DepartedFor tickets go to: Nellie Tour Tickets  Now remember, there’s always a theme to the tours. And I have no idea what the theme will be for August. (Maybe “It’s too hot, so let’s stay inside this air conditioned bus”?)

And then, in September, it’s back to France! Quel plaisir de vous retrouver bientôt sur scène!
Vivement le mois de septembre, pour deux représentations exceptionnelles! Alison et Patrick Aux emplacements suivants:

Jeudi 14 septembre 2017, 18h30 : 36ème FOIRE NATIONALE DE VERDUN
“La malle aux trésors de Nellie Oleson” Tarif : 15 euros (Entrée Foire comprise)
Renseignements / Réservations : 03 29 86 29 29 /

Samedi 16 septembre 2017, 20h30 : SALON FLASH BACK VINTAGE, LONS-LE-SAUNIER
“La malle aux trésors de Nellie Oleson” Tarif : 20 euros (Entrée Salon comprise)
Renseignements / Réservations : 06 68 31 79 05 /

Vendredi 22 septembre 2017, 20h30 :
“La malle aux tresors de Nellie Oleson”
Renseignements / Reservations : 067 64 81 11 /

Voici une interview avec Alison & Patrick:

Et bien sur le site de Alison:

Rumour Control

1.            Florida?? Maybe October?? Just a rumour . . . . .

2.            What do you think of Alison as a cartoon voice? Kinda runs in the family . . .

3.            So, what did Captain Kirk watch after hours in his quarters on the Starship Enterprise? Maybe some reruns . . .


Alison….Nominated for an EMMY?? Well, not this time. Life Interrupted was being considered for several possible Emmy awards, one for Alison, one for Dawn Wells, one for Michael Learned, one for the show itself, but did not make the cut this year. From creator Steve Wishnoff and the gang at “Life Interrupted”:  “Congratulations to all of our EMMY nominated friends, co-workers and cohorts. We are beyond thrilled for each and every one of you.  We are truly grateful for all of the support Life Interrupted has had in our quest for the ballot. Not every show, actor, actress can be nominated and this ride is far from over… — Join us Friday Oct 6th as we are honored to be opening The San Pedro International Film FestivalFilm Festival Website

And on FaceBook

Watch Life Interrupted here on You Tube

Welcome – Welcome to all of our new friends from O Comic Con and from De Smet. Enjoy!!

Warning – As I enter all of the new e-mail addresses, it strikes me that I should publish a warning. For those of you who have chosen to use your work address, like at a school or something ending in .edu, you may miss an issue or two on occasion. Your employer probably screens for language. Now, it’s not like we swear like sailors around here. (“@)#**$&&^#!*7@#*” Sock Monkey, you stop that!!) No, but we occasionally use the ‘B’ word. You know, the one that rhymes with Witch. As in Confessions of a Prairie . . . you know the rest. (Hey, what can we do? It’s the title of her book!)  If it’s possible to switch to a non-screened e-mail address, you might want to consider switching. Anyway, I’ll try to be good his month so we all get the warning, but I make no promises!

Not Your Mothers Mercantile!” – Well, we had the Grand Opening last month. And we’ve actually had some customers. It’s your One Source for all things Alison, and many things Prairie. And the inventory will keep changing as we run across new items to post. One caution, though. On the site it says orders will be filled within two weeks, and that is indeed our intention. And Alison does indeed sign every autograph herself, there are no pre-signed items sitting around, and no one is going to try to forge her signature. But you get the newsletter, so you know what her schedule is like. If she’s in France for a month, it means she’ll sign them when she returns. Patience, patience . . . .  By the way, here’s the link: Mercantile

Audio Book – First off, you notice that this is no longer in “Rumour Control”. This is really happening. And, yes, Alison is going to record it herself! Papers are being signed, arrangements are being made, and we’ll keep you posted on her progress. You’ll hear it here first! (Pun reluctantly acknowledged . . )

Butter Cow –  “In 2017, Laura Ingalls Wilder will be cast in 100% cream butter to celebrate her 150th birthday.” Well . . . I . . . umm . . . .yes. And I was just going to get her a card! See for yourself: Butter Cow

LHOTP Wooden Peg Dolls – Want to learn how to make your very own Ingalls Family wooden peg dolls? Well, here you go: LHOTP Wooden Peg Dolls

Facebook Competition – If you’re on Facebook, do you know about the Little House pages? There are two major ones. There is the Little House Cast Reunion July 2014, currently at 8,840 members. (It’s only called “July 2014” because it was started for the 40th anniversary celebration.) Here’s the link: Cast Reunion 2014  Then there is the other one, La petite maison dans la prairie française, which is, of course, in French. But they currently have 9,560 members. Here’s their link: Petite Maison Francaise  Can it be that there are more French fans than there are American fans? Is that even possible? We’ll check back next month . . .

Prairie Tidbits

Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) – Well, it seems that Melissa is doing a play!! From the Theatre Mania article: “Melissa Gilbert will return to the stage in the world premiere of “If Only by Thomas Klingenstein. The off-Broadway run, presented by the American Vicarious, will run August 19-September 17 at the Cherry Lane Theatre.” Check out this Broadway World article: Broadway World Melissa Way to go, Melissa!!

Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) – The last time I heard from Charlotte, she was hard at work on the new Twin Peaks series. Here’s the official site: Twin Peaks  And here’s an attempt at a review: Hollywood Reporter And this weekend she will be at the 25th Annual Twin Peaks Festival in North Bend, WA. Here’s their site: Twin Peaks Fest  Before you get excited, it’s sold out. It has been sold out for many months now. They will be announcing the 2018 Twin Peaks Festival dates on October 1st, and it will also be sold out in a few weeks. If you want tickets for next year, you should act quickly. Keep up the good work, Charlotte!

Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder) – This summer is the 150th birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder, so Dean’s in demand.  After knocking them dead in De Smet with Alison, he’ll be at:
Genesee Country Village, Genesee, NY – Aug 4-5
Heritage Hill, Green Bay WS – Aug 11-13 ( ) With Lucy Lee Flippin
And this just in: Dean will be appearing at Rocky Ridge Farm in Mansfield, Missouri, September 15-16, 2017 for “Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 150th Birthday Celebration” event. He’s not on their website yet, but here it is anyway: Rocky Ridge  Keep up the good work, Dean!

Lucy Lee Flippin (Eliza Jane Wilder– Lucy Lee will be hooking up with Dean for an appearance at the Heritage Hills Laura Ingalls Wilder event in Wisconsin. (See above) And her birthday is this week!! Happy Birthday, Lucy Lee!!

Allison Balson (Nancy Oleson) – Well, I just found out that Allison will be appearing at the Second Annual Wild Bunch Film FestivalOctober 20 – 22 in Wilcox Arizona! Check out their website: Wild Bunch Film Festival  Tickets go for various prices, depending on what you want to attend, but a 3-day pass for everything is only $95. This one sounds like fun! Way to go, Allison!!

Don Collier (Sheriff/Schultz) – Don was the sheriff in “For the Love of Blanche” in 1983, and he was Schultz in “The Runaway Caboose” in 1976. Those were his only two appearances on LHOTP. But in October he’ll be joining Allison Balson at the Wild Bunch Film Festival. (See above)

The Saga of Sock Monkey    (Chapter Fifty-Six)
Sock Monkey loved trains. He also loved train stations. He and Alison had spent a very lovely evening in Paris at their favorite Hotel Chopin, and then had a very exciting cab ride to the station. “What is it with these French cab drivers?”, thought Sock Monkey. He sighed, and went back to watching for his train. He loved the excitement in the air, the bustle of the crowds, the young people laughing as they waited, and smoked, and waited some more. And here comes the train! The prospective passengers crowded around, still smoking and laughing. Sock Monkey was getting nervous. It was getting hard to breathe with all the smoke. He coughed a couple of times, and looked up at the young man smoking right next to him. “Do you have to smoke?”, said Sock Monkey. The young man looked him up and down (mostly down, Sock Monkey is very short!), and said, “Comment attendez-vous un train dans votre pays?” Then they were boarding the train. They were in their seats, Alison next to him, and the luggage safely stowed away. Sock Monkey looked up at Alison and asked, “Did he really say what I think he said?” “Yes, said Alison, Yes, he did. He said, How do you wait for a train in your country?”
(To be continued . . .)

Catahoula News – Well, we played at Viva Cantina on July 8th, and we killed it! Rachel and Danny were there, as was Hersha Parady (Mrs. Garvey)  The place was packed, and everyone had a good time. And they’ve invited us back!! Catahoula is playing again at Viva Cantina, 900 W. Riverside Drive, Burbank CA  91506, on Friday, September 22nd, at 8:00 pm. (Viva Cantina Site) No cover, but for Reservations Call (818) 845-2425 (each reservation $7.50). This is a very cool club, a Mexican restaurant right next to the Equestrian Center in Burbank. By the way, free parking across the street at the Pickwick Bowl. Visit our website at, and we’ll see you at the club! (Remember, no cover = no excuses!) Come on out, have a drink, and party the night away! We like this place, and plan to make it a regular event.

There you have it. The Sixth Nellie Newsletter for 2017. Welcome to all our new readers! (And Sock Monkey says Hi!)

As usual (Comme d’habitude), be good bonnet heads, and I’ll talk to you next month.

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