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New York Jets 2017 NFL Draft Recap

What’s up,


Most Jets usually are, but the ones in New York aren’t. It’s hard to take flight when you’ve had sub-par quarterback play the last several years. Mark Sanchez was the last quarterback the Jets had in the playoffs, in fact he didn’t screw up enough to let his defense carry him to two straight AFC championships. Kudos Mark, you’re still a celebrity for Gang Green. <Insert Butt Fumble Joke>. Wish I could find a silver lining for this team, but this team is in total rebuild mode, again. Their draft says it all; gathering good players, but not many positions of need. Also failed to draft a “franchise” quarterback and are headed for another bottom five type season. Tony Richardson misspelling his former teams’ name just says it all for this team and their draft. Let’s add to the disappoint for the New York Jet faithful.


-1st Round, Pick #6: Jamal Adams – Safety (LSU)


  • The shining bright star and most exciting player of this Jet draft class. This pick makes sense for the simple fact that Todd Bowles is trying to bring the physicality back to this defense. Jamal is a brutal hitter and great playmaker. He will be the catalyst the organization will build around on defense. This selection lead to the release of Marcus Gilchrist and the Jets also did not pick up Calvin Pryor’s fifth year option. Think they should have gone a different route, like getting Marshon Lattimore, arguably the best corner in the draft. They had two starting caliber safeties on the team and could have waited until later in the draft to take a good safety, but I understand why they made the selection, as I stated this will help bring back the physical nature of their defense.


-2nd Round, Pick #39: Marcus Maye – Safety (Florida)


  • This selection is overshadowed because the Jets at the time already had two starting caliber safeties and then drafted Jamal Adams in round one. Well, now you look at the roster and Gilchrist is gone, Pryor is unlikely to be with New York next year and now Marcus Maye looks like the long term guy to pair with Jamal. Most people build from the ground up, but seems as if the Jets are building from the sky down. Would have liked to see an area of need since they did not get one in round one, like maybe one of the other defensive backs from the University of Florida, but we’re also talking about the team that cut Darrelle Revis, so you can’t hold them accountable for making smart choices. Marcus needs to improve ball location and coverage skills. More of a run support player and is an aggressive tackler. Was the weak link in the Gators secondary giving up ten touchdowns. This should have been a different position selected.


-3rd Round, Pick #79: ArDarius Stewart – Wide Receiver (Alabama)


  • ArDarius will come in and make a statement for the slot position. He’s a tough kid and won’t shy away from contact over the middle, Jets could use a guy like that in their receiver core. He’ll contribute, but I’m sure fans were expecting someone else. Eric Decker is coming of a hip injury, but will still be a starter. Quincy Enunwa had a break out year last season and is assumed to be the number two guy. Quinton Patton was brought in to compete for a job and the team had a few rookies play solid at times last season. The Jets receiving core needed an upgrade, but how much of an impact will a 5’11” slot receiver make?


-4th Round, Pick #141: Chad Hansen – Wide Receiver (California)


  • I see a pattern here, double safeties, then double receivers. I know the Jets have needs all over the roster, but double dipping two positions where they could have waited another year to fulfill seems redundant. I do see potential with Chad though and could be Eric Decker’s eventual replacement. Chad needs to work on his body control and needs to put his 6’2″ frame into position to block out the defenders in order to catch the ball cleanly. Has tough hands to compete for jump balls. Needs to learn the route tree a little more to truly excel at the next level. There were was little chatter before the draft on how the Jets were trying to trade Eric Decker, maybe we’ll see Chad take over for Eric sooner rather than later


-5th Round, Pick #150: Jordan Leggett – Tight End (Clemson)


  • My favorite pick of their draft class and the first actual “need” addressed, if you want to call a tight end an actual need. Christian Hackenburg is the future, as of now at least, and what is a young quarterbacks’ best friend, their tight end. If Hackenburg beats out Josh McCown as the starter, him and Legget will become friends real quick. This was a deep tight end class and that lead to Jordan dropping a tad, no worries though because now he’s on a team where he will step in and get a chance to be the starter day one. No matter who the quarterback is, he’ll get his fair share of targets and will help the starter in tough situations.


-5th Round, Pick #181: Dylan Donahue – Linebacker (West Georgia)


  • Surprised it’s not a tight end here (laughing on the inside). Dylan is listed as a defensive lineman, but really he’s a linebacker. Either way he adds depth to the front 7. I like his “Jets got a steal” mentality as well, the team needs that type of grittiness on their roster. Dylan’s dad had a brief four year career in the NFL, so that knowledge might help his son make a roster and how to prepare for the game state of mind. Dylan’s tape might not impress much, but his biggest asset his is motor, the kid simply doesn’t stop going. We’ll see what happens, but he should be able to make at least special teams and work his way up the depth chart with his play.

-6th Round, Pick #188: Elijah McGuire – Running Back (Louisiana-Lafayette)


  • Great receiving back, but that doesn’t bode well with Matt Forte and Bilal Powell ahead of him. He’ll fight for a special teams role at best his first year, but Forte is aging and Powell always seems to get lost on the depth chart every year. Forte is one of the best receiving backs in NFL history and Elijah can only benefit from that. A lot of people throw the Darren Sproles comparison out when it comes to smaller pass catching backs, but Elijah is one of the few that truly remind me of him. Thick thighs to take advantage of his small, low to the ground frame to drive through arm tackles and has good quickness to elude defenders. His video will show how he directs the pocket and maneuvers the running lanes to burst up the seem to create plays. Good selection for the future.


-6th Round, Pick #197: Jeremy Clark – Cornerback (Michigan)


  • Hooray! A cornerback sighting for the Jets. I don’t care if it’s the first round or the sixth, he will compete for a starting job for a team that had one of the worst pass defenses last year. They have Buster Skrine, a returning starter and brought in Morris Claiborne from Dallas to play opposite him. Buster is better suited in the nickel slot role and Claiborne cannot stay healthy. Not to repeat myself, but this team was sixth worse in passing touchdowns allowed with thirty and tied for fifth in passing points allowed at 25.6 per game. This secondary needed help and they’ll take as many guys they can, Jeremy being 6’3″ doesn’t hurt either. Nothing would surprise me regarding the starting corners on this team heading into the 2017 season.




-6th Round, Pick #204: Derrick Jones – Cornerback (Mississippi)


  • Yet another back to back position selection, don’t mind this one as much though considering they needed help in the secondary. Everything in the above statement can be said here, except Derrick is 6’2″. Derrick is more likely to be on the roster bubble since he is more raw at the position and his best shot at making the team is on special teams. However, the corners on this team aren’t the greatest so nothing would surprise me. Head coach Todd Bowles is a defensive mind, so he’ll be able to help guide Derrick down the right path and improve his technique and skills.


The J-E-T-E didn’t do much, if anything, to help themselves this year, maybe next year they’ll see the writing in the stream lines to make smart draft choices and be competitive, oh and hopefully spell their name correctly. Sorry Jet Fans, unless a miracle happens, it looks like another bad season and a top five selection next year. To top it off, Todd Bowles may very well be on his way out the door and maybe, just maybe a new coach will spark a winning tradition. Until next time, have a great day.


-Austin Thomas


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