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Reunited Original Members of Roughhouse talked to Totally Driven Radio about being back together, almost sued by Pantera & more!!

Totally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 – 11 pm Est time on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network, hosted by Bay Ragni, Nick Wilkinson and Jimmy Jannetty covers the world of sports and entertainment each week, as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews,

This week we talked to the band formerly known as TEEZE, and when signed to CBS Records changed their name to Roughhouse and original lineup is now back together in 24 years and getting ready for their first show back.
We talked with Dave Weakley, Gregg Malack, Luis Rivera, Mike Natalini, and Rex “Tripp” Eisen (Ex-Static-X, Murderdolls, and Dope)

Roughhouse discussed…….

**Gregg explains how he was reluctant to come back, and it has been emotional for him
**Gregg said how Rex was basically a pain in his ass trying to get him to rejoin…lol
**If they ever had any accidents spinning their guitars
**Luis talked about one time the mic flew off the cord into the crowd
**They talked about their action-packed stage show
**back in their cover band days if they still had the high impact show
**When and how did they start spinning the guitars
**How most of the bands in the area started as cover bands, including Cinderella
**They talked about the first time they played one of their original songs (Party Hardy)
**About releasing “Party Hardy” on a 45, and being on different album compilations (Hit Parader, Iron Tyrants, and a few others)
**How Kerrang magazine was a huge thing for them
**Gregg came across a list of Top 10 bands that should’ve been huge, and they were in that list with bands like Hanoi Rocks, Jetboy
**They talk about the legendary show on back of a flatbed truck opening for KEEL
**The TEEZE album on their own label called SMC, and what it stood for
**being called the East Coast Motley Crue
**Rex talked about when he first started seeing TEEZE in the magazines
**They talk about how they feel like an untouchable gang again, that the magic is back
**If a band ever asked them to tone down their show
**Did they ever think the original lineup ever be back together again
**If any old unreleased music will see light of day
**Do they plan to do new music
**They talked about working with Max Norman
**Their first live show this Saturday night at The Block in Harrah’s Casino in Chester, Pa
**If any of them still talk with The Stover Brothers
**Do they want to be called Roughhouse or Teeze
**They talked about being called Pantera at one time before TEEZE, and the real Pantera was going to sue them


Roughhouse hangs for over 60 mins, and talks all this and more

You can listen to the full interview here

For more info on Roughhouse go to their Facebook page

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