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Recap : All Ages Sunday w/ Pariadin, The Disapproved, Echoheart & For the Fire

By Bay Ragni

As I was growing up in the 80’s in the midst of the birth of a musical era to change not only my life, but millions of others worldwide, there was a phenom here in the Philadelphia area known as “All Ages Sunday”

All Ages Sunday was just that, every Sunday at the now legendary Empire Rock Club, at 6 pm the lights would go down, and 2 or 3 of the area hottest bands would take the stage and put on a top notch show that would be a smaller scale version of the shows we would be see at The Spectrum when the big names of the music world would come into town.

Those All Ages Sunday shows were constantly packed with teenagers and music lovers from the tri-state area that would flock to this sweaty club with loud music.

When that club closed it was an end of an era, and in my opinion left a void for all ages music, as well as helping build loyal fan base with the young music fans in the Philadelphia area. I never understood why, it has not been a tradition that someone has kept up through the years.

With all the being said, Totally Driven Entertainment decided to do just that, put on an “All Ages Sunday” show at a local legendary club The Rusty Nail in Ardmore, Pa. The current owners of The Nail Chris and his wife, have been supporting and keeping the music alive in the community for 20 years now.

So, this show came to be from a band (Echoheart) from Maryland looking to book a date in Philly while on tour with a band (For the Fire) from Indianapolis for what they billed as “The Hearts on Fire Tour”

So, to round out the bill, I needed to find 2 local acts and make it a big All Ages rock n roll party.

A local promoter recommended both bands, who averaged around 16 years old, and were amazingly talented. Enter Pariadin and The Disapproved and we now have a solid show lineup.

After 3 months the show day arrived, and it was such a fun and rocking experience not only for me personally but I think I can say for the bands, the parents, the fans and the club.

We saw Pariadin take the stage a little after 6 and this was the first time this young band this long of a set, they did 4 originals and 4 covers, in which they were nervous at first but by the third song in the band was finding it’s groove and they did just that especially once they did their Zeppelin medley that literally gave me chills between the drum solo, guitar solos, and Plantlike vocals I was sold on these young kids.

Next up was the pop punk band The Disapproved which came to rock and have a dancing good time, with the crowd planting themselves up against the stage singing along and screaming for more and more.

Third band of the night Echoheart which was one of our touring bands, came on the stage and just tour it up and took things to another level. Playing songs off their ep and just getting the crowd interacting and so into it. Echoheart while in midst of their first tour came off like seasoned veterans of the rock n roll world.

Last band of the night, For the Fire. Holy Cow!! They have had a rough go on this tour, with their bass player having to go back home for a family emergency, in which they drove back home from Florida to Indianapolis, and then back to North Carolina to continue the tour as a 3 piece, with lead singer / rhythm guitarist Addison Rider taking over bass duties as well, and wow this band just tour up the stage, and what was left of the crowd including their tour mates Echoheart, in which at one point the owner of the Rusty Nail turned to me and said that is what I love to see other bands in front of the stage supporting other bands.

After For the Fire’s set, the guys in Echoheart were even saying that was the best you guys played yet.

It was truly an amazing night for rock n roll, I was able to witness the future of music continue, stay alive with such love, desire, intensity, energy and TALENT, rock that stage on this night.

I was honored to have promoted this show, see those fans of each band come out and even more, the parents come out and support their children.

The state of rock n roll in the music industry might not be the best right now, but the future is bright, very bright.


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