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Recap : The Mojo Sports Show #50

Recap : The Mojo Sports Show #50

The Mojo Sports Show #50 special aired this past Saturday Morning, and airs every Saturday Morning on the Totally Driven Entertainment Network.

Mojo started off talking about the special 50th show. Previewing all his guests and giving thanks to all his listeners and callers.

Mr. Mojo’s first guest was Totally Driven Entertainment & Radio’s Bay Ragni. They talked about Bay giving Mr. Mojo his chance in podcasting and Bay gave congrats to Mr. Mojo. They also talked about Bay’s start and his current shows as well as the future of the Network and what’s to come. They also talked about the Super bowl and Bay’s wrestling days.

Mr. Mojo’s second guest was Padman, Allen & Adam the Mets Round table crew. They talked about the Super bowl and the Mets.

Mr. Mojo’s third guest was The Big Weenie. They talked about how Mr. Mojo started out as a sports reporter on the Big Weenie show and then he suggested me to Bay to have my own show and now here we are 50 shows later. They also talked about the Super bowl, Mets, and what he’s up to know and if he will ever return to Podcasting.

Mr. Mojo’s fourth guests were Toni and Little Mojo from Hazlet who called to congratulate Mr. Mojo on his 50th show. And they were joined by Fever from Pittsburgh, Christine and Foti form Pine bush and Maria from Brooklyn who also called in to give congrats.

Mr. Mojo’s fifth guest was former NHL All Star Bernie Nichols. They were also joined by Mojo’s NHL analyst Mr. Burger. They talked about his playing days, playing with Gretzky, Best moments of his career, being drafted, his time with the Rangers, winning a ring as a coach, His favorite current players and the current state of the NHL. They also talked about his current venture the All Sports Market APP.

Mr. Mojo’s sixth guest was former NY Giants WR Ron Dixon and they were joined by Mojo’s NFL analyst Petey V. and his NY Giants insider Doo Doo Brown. They talked about the Super bowl, breaking down the big game. Also, his memories from the Super bowl he played in, and ho9w he handled the week leading up to the big game and avoided distractions, The current Giants, Jim Fassell and his current venture

Mr. Mojo’s seventh guest was Big Daddy from the Philadelphia 76ers and Totally Driven Entertainment. They talked about the 76ers current state, including their great play as of late and the future of the team, Also, potential trades and draft picks.

Mr. Mojo’s eighth guest was Magic Mike Ferrera. They talked about how Mojo used to be a caller on Mike’s show Pro Wrestling Now and now has his own sports show. They also talked about the super bowl and WWE.

Mr. Mojo’s final guest was Eric from Canarsie who won the Autographed Mookie Wilson auto biography. They also talked about the Super bowl and the Mets.

The phone lines were busy throughout the show on all of these subjects asking questions which Mr. Mojo was providing his insight and opinion on.


Make sure to tune in every Saturday Morning at 10:00am for The MOJO Sports Show, and call in the phone lines are always open 718-508-9883.

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