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RIP Nelsan Ellis-our beloved Lafayette from True Blood

by Jess Ragni


So yesterday afternoon I was at a family get together and my cousin comes out and asks, “What was the name of the gay guy we loved in True Blood”, my mind went blank for a moment and then said “Lafayette?  Why?”  She then told me that he had died.  I was so surprised and taken back.

I watched the series True Blood and throughout all the characters my all-time favorite was always Lafayette with his one liner, that brow raise and saying things like:

Lafayette: Make me a vampire.
Eric: I beg your pardon?
Lafayette: You can put me to work in the bar…I’m a good dancer you’ve seen it on my site. (Eric walks around to him) Shit, I’d get up there and I’d move Earth and Heaven go-go style.
Eric: You are aware there’s a gaping hole in your leg? You’re damaged goods.
Lafayette: Not if you turn me. I’d be good as ever. Look I…I’m already a person of poor moral character. So, I hit the ground running and I damn near glamour people already. Gimme what ya’ll got…not only will I be a bad-ass vampire, but I’d be your bad-ass vampire

During an interview he did while doing True Blood he stated the following-which any of us that watched True Blood can hear him as Lafayette saying-“I have more makeup on than any of the females in the cast. Once they get me with the fake eyelashes and the eye makeup, I listen to some Rihanna and I’m there.”

Nelsan Ellis was born in Chicago, Illinois back on November 30, 1977 and died yesterday at the age of 39-way, way, way too young. He was wonderful as Lafayette but little did a lot of people know that he had done other roles as well, he did several different roles.  He starred in shows like Lost, Trespass, and Talent and had roles in the following films:

The Express in 2008

The Soloist in 2009

Secretariat in 2010

The Help in 2011

The Reluctant Fundamentalist in 2012

The Butler in which he played Martin Luther King, Jr in 2013

The Page which was a short film in 2013

Get on It in 2014

The Stanford Prison Experiment in 2015

Little Boxes in 2016

And his last film was just done this year called True to the Game.

He was in life real friends with Tara who was played by Rutina Wesley.

At such a young age he dies of complications of from heart failure and left behind a young son.

Thank you for all the memories you gave us Mr. Ellis, you will truly be terribly missed.


His role on True Blood won him several awards from the Satellite Award in 2008 for best supporting actor in a television series.  In 2009 he won the Ewwy award for best supporting actor in True Blood, as well as the Scream Award the same year for Best supporting actor and then in 2011 the NAACP Image award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in True Blood


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