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RIP Philly Wrestling Fan Kevin Hogan

**This email was sent to me earlier about the tragic and sudden passing of long time local Philly area wrestling fan Kevin Hogan.  Reading this was beautifully written and felt it needs to be shared.


Pro Wrestling is Real to Me

by Brian “Moondog” Mackey

A long time Philadelphia & New Jersey wrestling fan by the name of Kevin Hogan is no longer with us due to a fatal car accident.  I didn’t know Kevin personally.  I never even spoke one word to the guy.  But in the last 27 years of going to local wrestling shows in the Philly area, he was there.  Always at the same shows I was at.  Any time I went to a show I recognized him because of us always being at the same place, same time, same show, including last Sunday on 1/29/17 in Pennsauken, NJ.  That show may have had 60 people in attendance, if that. But he was there.  And so was I.  Just as we have been for well over the last 2 decades.

You would think in the 27 years of being at the same shows that he attended I would have at least once said “hello” or “hey weren’t you at the show last week in Woodbury?”  But I never did.  Because I am an introverted mess of a person that isn’t very comfortable around the rest of the human species.  And now I can’t say “hello” or ask him about a show we were both at.
You may laugh that I am a fan of pro wrestling but the truth is most of my good friends are connected to me because of pro wrestling.  And now I lost a friend he never knew he had and one I realized too late I could have had.   RIP Kevin.  You were an incredible fan of a professional wrestling.  And further proof to me that pro wrestling is in fact, real.
Moondog Mackey



  1. Robyn Atcachunas, February 2, 2017:

    Kevin was my best friend who I met years ago at CZW
    He was a kind, selfless person who always thought about others and made everyone laugh and have fun
    Life won’t be the same without him

  2. totallydriventv, February 3, 2017:

    We are so sorry for your loss, from all that was seen on social media today about Kevin, he sounded like an incredible person

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