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Roughhouse turns back time better than Cher ever could

Who says you can’t turn back time.

Remember when Cher sang, “If I Could Turn Back Time”, well this past Saturday night Roughhouse did just that!!

For the first time in 24 years, the original Roughhouse lineup consisting of Luis Rivera, Dave Weakley, Mike Natalini, Gregg Malack and Rex “Tripp” Eisen turn back the clock and showed the world it is possible to turn back time.

Twenty-four years is a long time for a person, but to get 5 people 24 years later back on the same stage, with the same energy, enthusiasm, moves and sound is like time actually stood still for over 2 decades.

The smoke started to cover the stage as old unreleased Roughhouse (Teeze) music filled the PA speakers with a video montage of the history of the band, as well as showing the band in pictures over the past 24 years with their various bands and family.

As soon as that video was over the band through the smoke-filled stage broke into the old Teeze (The band’s original name before signing to CBS Records) classic “Hellraiser” with an explosion of music energy explode on stage, as bodies were jumping sky high, guitars spinning around bodies, robotic moves and the band just dominating the stage like it was their record release show in 1988 at the Empire Rock Club.

The band which actually reunited for 2 shows over the past year with 4 of the 5 original members, included one-time guitarist Rob Levy who filled Gregg Malack’s spot on guitar, but as the reunited Roughhouse has enjoyed being back together and on stage, they wanted that last missing ingredient which was Gregg a original going back to the early days of Teeze.

The band who did a 90-minute set which included songs from their SMC Records classic Teeze album and their CBS Records Roughhouse album and of course their live song staple “Ugly Bitch” the band took you through a time warp of music that made this person feel like that 17-year-old kid again seeing the band at the Empire Rock Club at one of their many All Ages Sunday shows they did over the years.

Don’t miss Roughhouse who will be hitting the stage again as part of SAVFEST USA, (Suicide Awareness Fundraiser Concert) the weekend of October 20-21 at Tom n Jerry’s in Holmes, Pa


  1. Deb Malack, September 3, 2017:

    What a fabulous review! Agreed, it was like stepping back in time! Can’t wait for the next show!

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