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Seattle Seahawks 2017 NFL Draft Recap

Hello 12th Man,

The Seattle Seahawks didn’t quite look like themselves a season ago. Mostly in part to the amount of injuries the team occurred during the course of the season. Russell Wilson was playing on a bum ankle, seemed like all the running back took turns being on the trainer’s table and some of the defensive stars were banged up at some points. The Seahawks were fortunate their division was on a down year or they may not have had the record they had. This year the team looks restocked and refreshed for another shot at the Super Bowl. Everyone is coming in healthy and hungry. The NFC West seemed to have gotten better this year as well, so they’ll need to step up their play if they want to continue their playoff streak. Let’s see how the rookies will fare this season and assist the team.

-2nd Round, Pick #35: Malik McDowell – Defensive Tackle (Michigan State)

  • Regardless of how Malik McDowell was viewed in the draft process, sure first rounder or slacker and should slide, he went to a place that’ll whip him into shape and become the absolute highest level of talent he can be. The Seahawks defense is one of the best in the league and if they keep bringing in players with talent they’ll only continue being one of the best. Sadly for McDowell his season appears to be over after being in an ATV accident during the off-season and endured multiple injuries. There is a slight chance he can play again this season, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I believe the team will “red-shirt” McDowell for the season so he can recuperate from his accident and come back next season 100%.

-2nd Round, Pick #58: Ethan Pocic – Center (LSU)

  • The Seattle Seahawks have missed Max Unger since they traded him to the New Orleans Saints for Jimmy Graham. The Seahawks have had multiple offensive linemen combinations the past season. The team hopes Ethan Pocic can help create stability and consistency up front to protect Wilson and get the running game going. There were only two real candidates for the best center in this year’s draft class, Ethan Pocic and Pat Elfien. The Seahawks was the first to strike at the position and they decided to go with the product from LSU. Pocic has played every position on the offensive line and with the Seahawks having re-occurring issues, the team decided to go with the versatility of Pocic in hopes of improving the line. After the first ‘unofficial’ depth charts were released, Pocic was listed as a right tackle on the second string.

-3rd Round, Pick #90: Shaquill Griffin – Defensive Back (Central Florida)

  • Shaquill Griffin will be a corner at the next level to start out. The Legion of Boom is always looking to add to its’ feared secondary and Griffin brings a 6’0″, 4.38 dash monster into the lineup. Richard Sherman and Jeremy Lane are the clear top options on the roster as of now, but they don’t have much depth after the two. Griffin can bring that missed third corner that can come in and just shut down the opposing teams’ aerial attack. Rookie corners don’t typically have the best first year, but Griffin is in good company and joins one of the best defenses in the league to progress his learning curve sooner.

-3rd Round, Pick #95: Delano Hill – Safety (Michigan)

  • The longevity of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor is unknown. Earl Thomas briefly contemplated about retirement this off-season after his season ending injury and Kam Chancellor’s body takes brutal punishment throughout the season for a 29 year old. Sooner or later one of them will break and the Seahawks will have to find a replacement. It’s better to have someone waiting in the wing over scrambling to find someone in free agency or in the draft prior. Delano Hill may or may not be that guy, but looking at the tape he doesn’t seem to have that ‘it’ factor to be the heir to either Thomas or Chancellor. The Seahawks have hit on some late round players in recent years, but I don’t think this will be one of them.

-3rd Round, Pick #102: Nazair Jones – Defensive Tackle (North Carolina)

  • The Seattle Seahawks have been slowly losing their power in the middle of the defensive line and lack the necessary depth and power to compete with the big dogs. The linebacking core has picked up much of the slack the interior line has given and it’s time to change that. Nazair Jones is currently listed as a rotational guy on the depth chart, but he is a big boy that’ll develop over the season and wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the starter by seasons end. Jones is 6’5″ 300 lbs with a lot of power behind that weight. Not much is going to push him around and he’s athletic enough to run down play-actions, jet sweeps and running back counters. I like the selection and believe he’ll be the biggest addition from this draft class to help this year.

-3rd Round, Pick #106: Amara Darboh – Wide Receiver (Michigan)

  • Outside of Doug Baldwin, the receiver core has been very inconsistent and lack-luster. Tyler Lockett is a play-maker on both offense and special teams, but cannot stay healthy. Paul Richardson only seems to show flashes in the playoffs and also has injury issues. Jermaine Kearse can’t play at a consistent enough level and keeps drooping down the depth chart after each season. Someone has to step up and help out Baldwin and take the pressure off. Amara Darboh can help this team. Darboh showed he can show up big in games, then he also showed he struggles against press coverage. I view him as a third down reception player to move the chains, but nothing much more than that.

-4th Round, Pick #111: Tedric Thompson – Safety (Colorado)

  • As mentioned earlier, finding Thomas and Chancellor’s eventual successors is a must. Tedric Thompson to me seems like a better fit for the Legion of Boom and brings a ball-hawking tendency too. The Seahawks defense had only eleven interceptions a season ago, so bringing in a turnover specialist will benefit the secondary immensely. While he’s learning behind two greats, Thompson can learn how to hit like the two studs to round out his play and bring his play to the next level.

-6th Round, Pick #187: Mike Tyson – Safety (Cincinnati)

  • Yes, his name is Mike Tyson, but don’t laugh because that is something he has in common with the legendary boxer. They both can flat out hit and knock someone out! Tyson isn’t the best in coverage and likes to roam around the line of scrimmage as a floater, but he surely isn’t afraid to pop anyone in the mouth. On current depth chart Tyson is listed a corner, but in my opinion he could be best suited for the new middle linebacker-safety transitioned role a lot of teams are converting too. He was a defensive back, so Tyson has some coverage abilities and likes to play the middle of the field. We’ll see how this selection transpires, but either way I think the team will have to develop him and find out where exactly he’ll fit in.

-6th Round, Pick #210: Justin Senior – Offensive Tackle (Mississippi State)

  • The Seattle Seahawks needed help on the offensive line. Not quite sure a sixth round pick is the answer, but we’ve seen Cinderella stories come true before. There is a glaring need at the left tackle position and unless a player steps up it could be yet another long season for Russell Wilson again. Senior won’t be the answer for the ‘Hawks, but it’s a start in the right direction.

-7th Round, Pick #226: David Moore – Wide Receiver (East Central-Oklahoma)

  • The Seahawks need receiver help, but if David Moore is going to make this team it’ll be on special teams. Moore will help the receiving core by returning all the kicks so Tyler Lockett can stay fresh during the season and not have to put his body through the grueling punishment special teams puts on your body. Moore is a speedy guy running a 4.42 dash. Hopefully he can make a big enough difference to make the roster so Lockett can keep fresh for the offense.

-7th Round, Pick #249: Christopher Carson – Running Back (Oklahoma State)

  • It’s hard to see how Christopher Carson makes the final roster if everyone stays healthy, but he could be a player that can stick around the practice squad and learn the scheme and be a good player in the future. Unfortunately for Carson, the mixture of Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls and CJ Prosise will be the only three runners to make the roster this season. Although if the Seahawks look at their selection of backs and see their injury history and decide to have four backs on this year’s roster, Carson will have a fighting chance. He’s a big brawly runner in between the tackles which fits the Seahawks running scheme. We’ll see how this one pans out.

The Seattle Seahawks are primed for yet another playoff run and a push for the Super Bowl. With having eleven draft selections, the ‘Hawks just keep restocking and reloading players and developing them into the scheme of things. They got a lot of underrated players that might not have much impact this year, but surely will make a difference in the future. We’ll see if they can continue their dominance within the NFC West division and just how far they can go in post-season play. Until next time, have a great day!

-Austin Thomas


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