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AS I SEE IT 3/6: A Fastlane becoming a very bumpy road

AS I SEE IT 3/6/17:

A Fastlane becoming a very bumpy road


Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Well…the countdown to Wrestlemania officially began last
night. If you’re reading this, the Internet didn’t implode
after the main event.

But the road to Wrestlemania is paved with a lot of pissed
off fans, and even more scratching their heads.

Let’s start with the easy one. Bayley already has the WWE
RAW Women’s Title. She didn’t win it at Wrestlemania, ending
Charlotte Flair’s PPV streak…she won it on a RAW…in
February, via help from Sasha Banks. Then Stephanie McMahon
comes on RAW and sets up Bayley by “appealing to her better
instincts”, telling Bayley she “doesn’t want to win a title
this way”…only to have Bayley blow her off.

Mind you…Wrestlemania is known for the “Wrestlemania
moment”. What better way to have one than to have the
underdog…the “just a fan” Bayley finally end the
undefeated PPV streak of Charlotte Flair and “achieve her
dream” at Wrestlemania?

Instead, the character of Bayley as the sweet, wholesome
character gets blown off, because she blows off Stephanie
McMahon (who, by the way, has just stripped other characters
in storyline before…but doesn’t do so here…but I
digress). The potential Wrestlemania moment is instead given
to a RAW in the middle of February. Then last night, there
was passing interference (well more like distraction) by
Sasha Banks to help Bayley win again

So the whole wholesome character is pretty much kicked to
the side…her wins are tainted. There is going to have to
be a major angle tonight to somehow make all of this make
sense; maybe a Sasha Banks turn (or at least challenge).

Then there is Roman Reigns pinning Braun Strowman clean. No
Undertaker interference or distraction as widely rumored.
All the very careful build Braun Strowman as an unstoppable
monster…given away to feed the push of someone a lot of
fans simply are not getting behind.
I don’t hate Roman Reigns. I think he gets a lot of smarky
crap from online fans. But to build up Strowman this
much…to have him finally lose on a secondary PPV? With a
clean pin?

He is rumored to be facing Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Let
Undertaker put HIM over, and the the Internet MAY well
explode. Imagine a Wrestlemania where The Streak hadn’t been
already ended by Brock Lesnar.. Roman Reigns loses or has a
DQ last night. Then, at THIS Wrestlemania, The Streak is
finally ended by Braun Strowman, using the dramatic device
to do what should have been done: Undertaker using The
Streak to pass the torch to an up and coming star. Not
giving momentum to Brock Lesnar…who didn’t need it.

THEN…there is the main event. Few people were surprised,
if anyone. The finish did lead to a Wrestlemania match. But
while the Internet isn’t broken, it probably has a bruise or
two at least.

Few people are surprised that Kevin Owens got squashed last
night by Bill Goldberg. But…as the storyline slogan
goes…was it best for business? Bill Goldberg vs. Brock
Lesnar was going to be a big match without the WWE belt on
the line….pretty much a “special attraction” match that
gets over without a belt involved.

There is a reason wrestling traditionally had “special
attractions” back in the day such as Bruiser Brody, Dusty
Rhodes, Andre The Giant, and The Rock in recent years. They
were attractions in and of themselves. They didn’t need a
belt to get over. Brock Lesnar and Goldberg are the modern
equivalent. They should have been left that way.

I can only imagine the reactions tonight from the smart
bordering on snarky Chicago crowd. I hope to hell WWE can
somehow make last night make sense.

Until next time…


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