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Totally Driven Radio

Totally Driven Radio

Totally Driven Radio is the flagship show of not only our network, but the whole Totally Driven Entertainment world.

Our show debuted in November 2012, and started as basically a one hour sports talk show. Hosted by the head of Totally Driven Entertainment Bay Ragni, and his good friend and co-host, Frank Naimoli the Totally Driven Duo reunited after 10 years since doing their AM radio wrestling program.

As time evolved it, it became what Totally Driven is all about, this is everything in the world of entertainment. Television, Movies, Music, Sports, Wrestling, Comedians, Books, Video Games, Comic Books and everything in between.

Our show expanded to 2 hours, then 3 hours, and sometimes with weekly specials doing 5 – 6 hours of programming each week.

Our show has also turned its focus to celebrity guests and interviews, where we have had top names in sports, music, TV & comedy.

The show went through some changes in December of 2013. Frank left to pursue other areas of entertainment, so replacing him is the head of the TV Nation, as Bay calls him, the Totally Driven TV Guru, Sick-Nick. Hollywood Reporter Kristyn Burtt also joined the team, giving her unique insight into the world of Hollywood and celebrity news, and of course, her Dancing With The Stars recaps!

In late 2015, the Nerd Herd’s Ultimate Whovian, and TV Nation co-host, Moondog became a regular member of “Team Totally Driven” and often joins Bay & Nick on the air to discuss everything from comics to The Kardashians. Moondog and Sick-Nick have since left the company and wish all the totally driven fans the best of luck in the future.

Together, “Team Totally Driven” is the heart and soul behind Totally Driven Entertainment, and they work nonstop to make the Totally Driven brand a household name.

So what are you waiting for…………C’mon #GetDriven!!