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Brit / Swede rock heroes SONIC SYNDICATE have recorded a cover of American chart  topping singer, Shaen Medes’ hit single, “Treat You Better.”

The track can be listened to here and purchased here.

A good song is a good song regardless of personal taste or favourite genre. If you connect with the lyrics it can turn into something that can break down walls and really affect people. This is exactly what happened with Sonic Syndicate’s take on “Treat You Better.”

SONIC SYNDICATE frontman Nathan Biggs says, “I’d never heard of Shawn Mendez. All I knew is that the track was extremely well written. I found myself singing it over and over in my head and thought I’d like to hear my voice record that, just for fun or whatever. But when we got offered the opportunity to record the song it made me think “why the heck not?!” so we did and it turned out to actually be something quite special. No matter how old you are or where you are at in your life we can all identify with being on the outside looking in at someone your heart yearns for but seeing them being treated like dirt by others. This song bleeds charisma and we had a lot of fun putting it together.”

With their latest album, Confessions, SONIC SYNDICATE took a chance on recording their most daring album yet. This time around the bandmembers took a deeper look into themselves which led to some changes in their sound. Aware that the band’s “new start” may cause a lot of listeners to raise their eyebrows the band doesn’t fear the changes nor the future. The conviction that they’ve created a very strong album and the fact that they’re 100% happy with the music and the atmosphere in and around the band has led to a revival worthy the envy of the upper crust across the globe..



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