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Tennessee Titans 2017 NFL Draft Recap

Hello football heads,


Music city, home of many well-known musical artist and the Tennessee Titans. Speaking of the Titans, they are in the final stage of building their offense around Marcus Mariota. Stage one; get a franchise quarterback to grow on the field. Check, they drafted Marcus Mariota in the 2015 draft. Stage two, acquire a physical running game to help said QB develop and build confidence. Double check, they signed free agent DeMarco Murray and drafted Derrick Henry both in 2016. Stage three, implement a down the field presence in the passing game. Final check, they drafted stud wide receiver Corey Davis in the 2017 draft. Tennessee is trying to surround Marcus with all the weapons that he could ever need to succeed. This team is heading in the right direction and they’ll be competitive in each game in the coming years. Let’s break down each pick and how they’ll contribute for this team.


-1st Round, Pick #5: Corey Davis – Wide Receiver (Western Michigan)


  • MAC players usually get a lot of nay-sayers when it comes to the draft. “Who did they play?”, “No stiff competition.”, “Small school kid.” these are just few things we hear every year regarding any player from a “small” school. Well, is Khalil Mack, Julian Edelman or Antonio Brown lacking in talent department in the big leagues, didn’t think so, and let’s not forget future hall of famer Randy Moss played in the MAC once upon a time as well. Corey Davis is going to be a stud for this team and finally give Marcus a quality pass catcher outside of Delanie Walker. He’ll come in as the day one starter and quite possibly be the leading rookie fantasy player. Corey has great hands and even better play making abilities. MAC school or not, his tape was good enough for the Titans to take him number five overall without working him out pre-draft, pretty impressive to me.





-1st Round, Pick #18: Adoree’ Jackson – Cornerback (USC)


  • The assumption was the Titans would go passing catching playmaker and secondary with their two first round picks, we just didn’t know in what order. Adoree’ brings more than just a starting quality corner, he possess magical kick returning abilities as well. Hurdling, broken tackles, just simply amazing with the ball in his hands. With the release of Devin McCourty, Adoree’ will be paired up next to Logan Ryan in the starting lineup. He may be raw at first, but Dick LeBeau will tune him up throughout the season. Look out for him to make plays in more than one way.



-3rd Round, Pick #72: Taywan Taylor – Wide Receiver (Western Kentucky)


  • Surrounding Marcus Mariota with playmakers was clearly a point of emphasis. Taywan can give Marcus a reliable guy in the slot and someone he can quickly dump the ball out to. Taywan certainly can be the next “Wes Welker” type of player in the league. He’s tough, elusive and has huge hands. No seriously, he wears 2-XL sized gloves. Taywan is also a reception machine, having 184 catches in the last two seasons. Current depth chart has Taywan far down on the depth chart, but that’ll change once preseason starts and Taywan is making defenders look like fools. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him starting in the slot.


-3rd Round, Pick #100: Jonnu Smith – Tight End (Florida International)


  • Delanie Walker has been the most reliable pass catcher for the Titans for a few seasons now, eventually his production will drop and the Titans will need to find his replacement. Jonnu Smith may or may not be that guy. If he plans on it, he has to work on a few things. Blocking is a must for the tight ends in this offense and Jonnu needs to improve in that area. Also has to learn to catch with his hands rather than his body, he’s had 10 drops over the last two years. Didn’t like this pick in round three and they could have gotten a better suited tight end to learn behind Delanie in his final years as a Titan.


-5th Round, Pick #155: Jayon Brown – Linebacker (UCLA)


  • Considered a hybrid, Jayon can cover and move across the field to stop the run. This was a good late round selection the organization can bulk up and groom. We’re seeing teams’ transition safety-like players into middle line backers and play in a nickel role to be a psychical force in the run game as well as matching up well against big tight ends and fast enough to keep up with slot receivers. The base 3-4 starters are pretty much in stone, but I’m sure Tennessee has a plan for this promising athlete and at least rotate him into the line-up. Also was a four year starter on special teams, so he can make his mark there for a couple of years too.


-6th Round, Pick #217: Corey Levin – Offensive Lineman (Tennessee Chattanooga)


  • Corey can serve as a depth lineman and a guy they can teach up. Has the size to play tackle and the athleticism to play guard. His versatility will be a nice trait to have in the future as they develop him into a starting player. Only thing he needs to work on is his hand technique. Never a bad thing to be able to play anywhere along the offensive line, it’ll boost his importance on the team and more likely get a roster spot week one in the regular season.


-7th Round, Pick #227: Josh Carraway -Linebacker (TCU)


  • Josh is a phenomenal pass rusher. The Titans have some aging player in their linebacker core, so teaching these young bucks how to play will only benefit them in the future. Josh will be the blitzer and Jayon will drop into coverage with his safety background. The Titans are thinking long term with these selections and investing that these two players will turn out to be future starters or worst case role players. Needs to get more aggressive and mean to play on this defense, which his defense coordinator can help him out.


-7th Round, Pick #236: Brad Seaton – Offensive Tackle (Villanova)


  • You have to love the size of this kid, 6’7″ and 310 pounds. Brad has the frame to be a great tackle. The Titans organization must be thrilled to teach up this prospect. Another long-term situation seems to be the theme for these late round selections. The Titans don’t have much depth along the offensive line and bringing in as many players to compete for roster spots will only bring out the best in them. Brad didn’t let many things get behind him his three year starting career. He won’t shy away from the opposing big boys.


-7th Round, Pick #241: Khalfani Muhammad – Running Back (California)


  • Tennessee doesn’t quite have that pass catching, speed back. Khalfani could serve as that player or he can battle for a special teams spot if they decide to not overuse Adoree’ on kick returns. With DeMarco and Derrick getting a good bulk of the carries, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for him getting a lot of touches, but if Khalfani makes the team he could get a touch or two per game. Has a small frame and will be a role-playing back at best.


The Titans have accumulated a lot of draft picks over the last few years; most of them looking like future starters, but nonetheless, good players. It appears that only the first three players I mentioned of Corey Davis, Adoree’ Jackson and Taywan Taylor will make an immediate impact for this team, but this draft class was more than surrounding Marcus with talent or defensive starters. It was about the long-term goals and the future of this team, in which could very well be a powerhouse in the AFC South. Well that concludes the discussion for today. Until next time, have a great day.


-Austin Thomas


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