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The Ant Hill Intro

The Ant Hill

Though I go by many names, most people simply call me ANT. I am Anthony Jovinelli and some of those other names are: Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle, Godfather. I get “G” a lot and, of course, there’s the ever popular Cuzz! I have obviously been around and have accumulated a plethora of experiences. I have been writing for a while and have had poetry and two articles on other websites published and wrote a book that was almost published. Though I have degrees in Art and in Digital Technology, I have always worked within the Automobile Industry (You have to pay the bills, you know what I mean). I have witnessed Life, Death, Good, Bad and almost everything in between. So, you never know what lies beneath the Ant Hill or how deep it can go! So Hang on, this roller coaster may get wild at times but I hope it’s a good time for all and maybe even a learning experience at times…

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