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The NFL Depot : 32 Player Arrest Since the Super Bowl!!!

The NFL Depot 

by Dave Mest Jr.

32 Players Arrested since the Super Bowl 

Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m your host Dave Mest! I’m putting in OT this week, here at the Depot, to bring you a quick “rant”.

If you stop, take a look, and count, you would come up with the number 32! That’s right 32! As in the number of NFL players arrested, since the Super Bowl February 5th.

WOW! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that number.

For most of these guys, it’s not the first time they’ve been arrested. The NFL players bring it all, from assault with a handgun, insert Elvis Dumervil, to an alleged assault of an off duty police officer, see Adrian Peterson, then we go to the world famous among NFL players, the DUI, see Marshawn Lynch. Then, just when you think you’ve read it all, I bring you Dez Bryant. Mr.Bryant, this screams role model, was arrested for an alleged assault of his mother. His MOTHER! Come on! His mother claims, he hit her in the face, pushed her in the chest, and knocked her arms away, causing bruising on her upper arms and a swollen wrist. All this, because she grabbed his shit during an argument.

All the above arrests have happened over the last few weeks. If you’re counting a long, that’s six in two weeks!

I’m just blown away. What is wrong with these guys? It’s just not this year either, it’s year after year. This is just a short look at some of the more famous players, and their brushes with the law.

We get Mike Vick, who comes out and says, “I could read dogs better than my Falcons playbook”, “I knew how to lie with a straight face”, when questioned by Roger Goodall. All this while running a dog fighting ring. We know how that turned out for Mr. Vick.

Then we get my favorite, Ben Roethlisberger. I know what a lot of people are going to say, “Isn’t he a Steeler”? Aren’t you a Steelers fan? Yes he is, and yes I am. But, I refuse to cheer for stupidity!  I tell people this all the time, I thought the Steelers should have shipped his ass out of Pittsburgh. All this, because Big Ben couldn’t understand the word NO! Not once but twice. Even though he wasn’t charged, he did get a nice suspension out of it, and I thought he should have been hit with a year.

Let’s not forget, at the same time as Ben, Santonio Holmes throws a shot glass, and hits a lady in the eye at a Florida night club. Add domestic violence, and drug possession to Mr. Holmes, which played a part in his demise with the Steelers, who traded Holmes to the Jets after the shot glass incident. Mr. Holmes also was hit with four games, like Big Ben.

Let’s not forget Pacman Jones, while I’m name dropping. Mr. Jones has a rap sheet a mile long, including a night club incident were a man was shot and paralyzed, in which Mr. Jones was just held responsible for, by the court of law via a jury. This is just one example, I’m sure there is other stuff, I just don’t remember everything.  Let’s also remember, Mr.Jones has already served a one year suspension from the NFL.

I really don’t think the NFL does enough, I think they need to open their eyes and see there is a major problem. I just stop and think, like I’ve stated in my June 4th column, if this were you and I, we would either be in jail, or have one heck of a legal battle on our hands. But, these guys have spin doctors, in the form of their agents, and a players union, that every time these guys do something wrong, they step in and try to prevent the Commissioner from doing his job.

I’m sorry these guys shouldn’t be able to play football till their messes are cleared up off the field. Like I also said in my June 4th column, the teams should be forced to back away, suspend the player till a final outcome can be reached, and then the Commissioner can step in and do his job. This league and all the other Pro sports teams are too light on these guys. I think if the League, or league’s, would drop the hammer on one of these guys, the rest of the league might get the hint.

The other thing these guys don’t think of, or see, yes you are a role model. In a time, when we have enough problems with our youth, the people these kids look up to are doing stupid stuff. Then, the kids look at it and say, nothing really happened to him why should I listen. In fact, if you look at it, these guys get paid millions of dollars a year no matter how they act. So what kind of message does it send to the kids of this nation?

Any way you cut it, the NFL as a whole, is in a real bad spot. I know the NFL does a lot of good things, but the good doesn’t out weight the bad in the public opinion, let’s face it; we are a nation that thrives on the negative. You would hope the NFL, someday wakes up and sees it, and starts doing more to help its players. Till that day, I’m sure we’ll see the next face pop up on our TV screen, or computer screen, with the word “arrested” next to it.

That’s a wrap for me, till next time when we go back to the Divisions preview and predictions, See Ya!

I can be reached at Facebook Dave Mest Jr. and Twitter blitzburgh6

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