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Totally Driven Radio #9 Preview

Totally Driven Radio #9 Preview


On our 9th episode of Totally Driven Radio, our host Bay Ragni & Frank Naimoli will have two special guests this week

First up, will be Former WWE / ECW Wrestling Superstar “The Blue Meanie” Brian Heffron. Brian, who is a huge Philly sports fan, will be calling in to talk about this past Eagles Season as well as the coaching situation of the Eagles.


This week we have another special guest, Ron Sobol. Ron is the man behind Red Match Productions, which just released its DVD / Book Documentary, Randy Rhoads “The Quiet Riot Years” about the late great Randy Rhoads.


In case you don’t know who Randy Rhoads is, Randy is the legendary guitarist which played on the first two Ozzy Osbourne solo albums, and is responsible for bringing us such Heavy Metal classics as “Crazy Train”, “I Don’t Know”, “Mr. Crowley”, “Flying High Again” and much more.

Randy helped formed the original version of Quiet Riot with the Late Kevin DuBrow in the Mid Seventies, and released 2 albums for Sony Records in Japan, this was all way before Quiet Riot made us all “Cum on Feel the Noize”.

Ron Sobol was there from day one, and lucky for us is a photographer, who documented everything Quiet Riot did in Pictures.

This DVD / Book set is a must have for any true Randy Rhoads fan.

Here is the Trailer for the DVD


Their website for more info and to order is

Lastly Bay & Frank will give us their Top 5 Schmucks of the Year

And our Totally Driven Person of the Year



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  1. thewightspider, January 3, 2013:

    You guys have to check out this wrestling blogger guy on Facebook he’s hilarious, his page is called The Ringside Rant! If he joined your show that’d be sick although I think he does a weekly talkshow, regardless it’d be sick!

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