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Totally Driven Radio DDP YOGA Challenge

Totally Driven Radio DDP YOGA Challenge





The guys of Totally Driven Radio have decided it is time to “Own Your Life”, after a recent guest appearance by the man behind DDP Yoga, Diamond Dallas Page, was a guest on Totally Driven Radio and talked with the boys for about 45 minutes about not only his wrestling career, but his own brand of yoga……… DDP YOGA.

The men of Totally Driven Radio have all been overweight for years, and as they are getting older they all admit, their health is not the best, and feel by doing a 3 way challenge of not only doing DDP Yoga but making the healthy choices of eating right are going to try to own their lives.

The three men…………….

Bay Ragni – Totally Driven Entertainment CEO & Radio Host  – 326.6lbs

Nick Wilkinson – Totally Driven Entertainment TV Guru & TV Nation Radio Host – 362 lbs.

Frank Naimoli – Totally Driven Entertainment Blogger / Writer & Radio Co Host – 266.8


We will give weekly updates on the guy’s weight.

Is this a contest, a challenge…………yes & no

Will the guys push each other & support each other………….yes

Will the guys razz & harass each other…………..yes

Will they win a prize at the end…………..yes……….. Weight loss & a healthier lifestyle

So support the boys, cheer them on !!!


And if you want to hear DDP on Totally Driven Radio, here is his interview…….Listen at top of the page


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