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Totally Driven Restaurant Review : La Gringa Grill in Queens, NY

Totally Driven Restaurant Review by Michael Joy

So there is this awesome Mexican restaurant called La Gringa, in Queens, NY, that you have got to try! The amount of options of appetizers alone, will overwhelm one’s senses, & all of  the senses, for that matter, but in a very positive and wanting-more way!!

They have everything from Elote (that’s street corn straight off the cob, smothered in cheeses, lime and sauces, for those of you who don’t know what that is), to EVERY kind of nacho you can imagine i.e. Chicken, Pork, Veggie, Steak, etc…, to tacos and wings to chimichangas and burritos, etc…  I think you get the point that’s trying to be made here… Anyway, ordered an appetizer first, and it’s my usual chips and salsa, as this is my favorite snack to munch on whilst waiting for dinner to arrive, and man that was plentiful and then some!  They gave me so much, there was no need to ask for a refill.

Ordered the Chicken Fajita, and it did not disappoint one iota. It was tender and so delicious, with such huge portions, so much, as to fill up before the platter could be finished. It came with sauteed peppers and onions and had lettuce, guacamole and my ultimate favorite, and ALWAYS the deal breaker, pico de gallo. I say this is the deal breaker for me, because I like TONS of pico on my fajitas and love to have tons for dipping on the side as well.

And IF the restaurant is accommodating in my peco needs, then I will definitely return, as most places get annoyed and start up charging. They, however, did not, so HUGE plus!! The platter also came with rice and beans, which I shared with my significant other. And oh yeah, more tortilla chips, so of course more salsa AND pico necessary!!

Anyway, from the food to the service, to the atmosphere of the La Gringa’s, it was 5 star all the way. No waiting to be seated or even for the order to be taken as soon as being seated. And that says A LOT when it’s a Friday night, AND the weekend before Valentine’s Day! They were not hurried and didn’t seem rushed. They were friendly, and again, like I said, very accommodating. The atmosphere was very upbeat and energetic, but in a more tranquil way, if that explains it correctly. Anyway guess you have to try it out yourself to truly understand.

Oh and they do have a kid’s menu too, for those of you that want to bring the kids along for the experience and desserts a plenty, which is always a plus, but especially for the kiddos!! 😉

Monday-Thur 1pm-10:30pm | Fri-Sun 12pm-11pm

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