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TV Nation : 5/25/13 – 3×3 Super Heroes


TV Nation

by Nick Wilkinson


Welcome faithful citizens of my TVNation! Don’t forget if you want to follow me on Facebook and stay up today with everything I find cool & interesting about TV & Movies you can LIKE my page & explore my other Totally Driven Entertainment blog, The Weekly Angst as well.

This weeks 3×3 is going to explore the realm of Super Heroes, what we liked, what we didnt, and what could have been… as always feel free to leave your 3×3 in the comments and lets argue about them!

TV SUPERHEROS (TV, Fan Films, Pilots)– They can be DC, Marvel or from where ever you wish, heck even     animated if that’s what floats your boat!

  1. – Gary Bell of Alphas. Gary was not only the heart of Alphas but often times the common sense and true bravery as well.


  1. Oliver Queen of Smallville. Without Justin Hartley’s version of Green Arrow I’m not sure we would have ever saw the new show ARROW come to life.


  1. Lobo short film… While not a TV show actually, anything that features The Main Man has to get mentioned.

Should Have Stuck Around:

  1. The Crow – Stairway to Heaven
  2. Birds of Prey
  3. The Tick: The Series

            What Could Have Been:

  1. Mercy Reef / Aquaman Series
  2. Wonder Woman 2011 Series – I loved the pilot, don’t care what anyone thinks!
  3. The Phantom – SyFy’s TV Movie was going to lead into a series that never really took off. Despite an odd mask/helmet combo the series had amazing potential.

Don’t forget to leave your choices & comments below. Until next time, stay frosty, or something like that….

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