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TV Nation : Thanksgiving TV Classics


TV Nation

by Nick Wilkinson

 Thanksgiving TV Classics 



Loyal followers of the TV NATION we are growing into the thousands and as your 100% incorruptible leader, but still willing to take bribes, I want to share with you my holiday bliss this Thanksgiving season.


The holiday season is family season and TV NATION thinks there is nothing better than watching TV with your family and sharing in that warm & fuzzy holiday cheer!

While it’s not quite Christmas and not quite Halloween, Thanksgiving is a fabulously American holiday that celebrates togetherness & gluttony in all of its glory! Thanksgiving on TV has been no less wonderful and here are some of our Top 10 Favorite Thanksgiving Memories!

10. The Sopranos was no family show but when the family got together for a meal it’s always an event. A turkey-sandwich-induced heart attack on the toilet pretty much sums up this one.


9. ‘A Deep Fried Korean Christmas’ is one of the Gilmore Girls best and really showcased the timing and comedy that Amy Sherman Palladino brought to this great show. Bonus, Melissa McCarthy, Milo Ventimiglia & Jared Padalecki in some early TV roles. This episode also starred Jackson Douglas, husband of family guy actress & comedianne Alex Borstein, who also appeared on the show multiple times.

8. Classic O.C when Kristen catches Seth juggling Summer & Anna and delivers the very funny and very drunken line, “I always knew you were a late bloomer honey.”

7. It’s called ‘Bart vs Thanksgiving’ and in this early Simpsons episode Bart ends up at a homeless shelter but it’s cool he apologizes in the end.

6. This Season 4 episode of Buffy is the one where Xander gets the funny syphilis and Spike rants about Thanksgiving and I think really captured the need for Spike to get more air time.

5. For TV purists in the TV NATION the episode of The Bob Newhart Show when Emily goes out of town for Thanksgiving and Bob, Howard, Jerry and Elliot get drunk, and of course Bob’s subsequent phone call to order Chinese food is regarded as a GOLDEN SITCOM MOMENT.

“Moo goo goo goo? Maybe I’m ordering Chinese baby food.”

4. Sure Roseanne was known for its Halloween themed episodes but the episode ‘We Gather Together’ is an example of why Roseanne is one of the most under-celebrated sitcoms in TV history. This is where Jackie starts becoming a cop, Dan’s dad starts his flirtation with Crystal and if you look close you can even catch a almost prepubescent Stephen Dorff at the table with the family.

3. Boy Meets World – Turkey Day was the episode where the Hunter & Matthews families try to merge and end up having Thanksgiving in the trailer park but the boys come out of it stronger friends and how can you not love a holiday special with a message!

2. Second only to Charlie Brown and arguably number one in its own right, “WKRP in Cincinnati” has the No. 1 all-time best Thanksgiving episode of TV in “Turkeys Away!” If you haven’t seen it do yourself a huge favor and catch it on Youtube.

Les: “Oh, the humanity! The turkeys are hitting the ground like bags of wet cement!”
Mr. Carlson: “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

1. ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ is probably my favorite on the list. While most people lean towards ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ or the one with The Great Pumpkin 😉 I think that this Thanksgiving classic really holds up to the test of time and will hopefully be around forever!

So guys, reply back and tell me what your favorite Thanksgiving episodes are and maybe we can talk about it! – Sick Nick.

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