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Weekly Angst : 10/13/12

Weekly Angst :10/13/12

by Nick Wilkinson


Aloha Angsters! Promised last week I give you a short recap of the newsworthy angst filled shows premiering this week. A special edition of Weekly Angst will be out on Friday as well as we look back at the history of angst and explore some favorites from The CW, The WB and even UPN & Fox!

The new season always brings with it a few new surprises and this season of TEEN ANGST shows has a few familiar faces and a few new shows as well! Reboots and reinterpretations abound as well as farewell seasons to some of our angst-y favorites! Below I break down the returns and new shows for ya.

CW’s spooky and oft hilarious hit Supernatural returns after waiting all summer to find out what happened to Dean Winchester when he got sucked into Purgatory! The return of Mischa Collins has fans once again happy with the Winchester Brothers!



Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries also starts this week and fans are anticipating a dramatic change in the dynamic of the show as good girl Elena is set to become a vampire after 3 seasons of being the human core of the show…



The final seasons of Super Angst hit Gossip Girl starts to follow the exploits of our favorite Upper Eastsiders and the addition of the hilarious and bold Michelle Trachtenberg’s Georgina Sparks is a welcome addition to the sometimes stale series. Could we find out who Gossip Girl is this season?

I’ll never tell! XOXO




In order to fill the comic book void that Smallville left, producers have launched Arrow – a new interpretation of The Green Arrow and Oliver Queen from DC Comics. Despite some major changes to the storyline and character biographies the buzz behind Arrow has been mostly good. This could be because of the top notch guest appearances by Arrows rouges gallery.


Spinoff/Continuation series 90210 continues to experience tween success in its new season with special guests stars like Tween Queen Carly Rae Jepsen..



The newest addition to the remake club is CW’s Beauty and The Beast. This remake of the Ron Pearlman TV series features Kristin Kruek of Smallville fame and is on my short list for canceled Angst shows… I put this one in the same category as last years Secret Circle…






The effervescent and beautiful Rachel Bilson proves that she has lightning in a bottle when this former OC beauty returns with season 2 of Hart of Dixie…


and last but not least the show that everyone is talking about and since we all know that zombies cross the lines of age and genre I give to you the teaser for this Sundays all new Walking Dead….

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