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Weekly Angst : 10/2/12

Weekly Angst

by Nick Wilkinson



Welcome once again!

You set em up and I knock em down… I’m back with your weekly dose of angst today and here to tell you that drama is not dead! Alive and well and living in the world of your tweens and teens, drama is a vicrous creature and when it comes to drama, all the rules are made to be broken!

The rumor mill has been slow this week since most shows are on hold or yet to debut for the season. A week away from some of the seasons most angst filled shows  and even a Halloween special custom made to those wannabe Screen Tweens, Switched at Birth continues to perform strong during its hour.

Returning favorites (featured in next weeks issue) will be 90210, Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl, as well as many new faces to this years for The CW, the current epicenter of all things angst.


Next week we will also be looking at “The Evolution of Angst” from the original 90210, The UPN, WB, and CW as well as some others, we will explore hidden gems of the teen angst world and some you may have missed or that we feel deserve a second chance!

AngstY Girl of The Month: October 2012


The street fighter herself Kristen Kreuk has been around since before Smallville’s 10 year epic run and is now going head first into remake land with The CW’s new Beauty & The Beast.


It looks like Jerry O’connel is playing Herman Munster in Mocking Bird Lane, Bryan Fuller (creator of Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies) along side Eddie Izzard’s Grandpa Munster. Interesting choices, I’ll leave my opinion for pilot season!

Courtesy of the guys over at here is 150 shows & dates for October premiers!

Until next week, stay angsty my friends….

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