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Wonder Woman: James Cameron – You Mad Bro?

wonder woman

Photo Credit: Deadline

Beloved director, and genuinely shitty person, James Cameron, says that Wonder Woman is a “step back”, and I feel like this is an oversimplification.



Wonder Woman is totally an objectified character, history has proven this, but I felt this movie did a pretty good job of not overly objectifying her, while maintaining her core traits, which beauty is among them. Wonder Woman was certainly dressed more conservatively than the Na’vi women, and Strange Days had a particularly rapey scene where the woman got to experience her own rape twice. Once through her eyes and once through the eyes of her attacker. I honestly think the dude just don’t like super hero movies and the amount of money they pull in. Maybe he’s still mad Hurt Locker beat out Avatar, and just don’t like women directors.


I think Cameron needs to look back at his own work and think about the lessons he taught  his audiences. Sarah Connor and Ripley, are two characters that shed almost all of their femininity in order to be considered bad-asses.


Characters like Buffy and Wonder Woman, they show and include femininity and beauty in their characters. This shows, in my opinion, that you can be both kick-ass and good looking. Wonder Woman grew up on an island with all women, for fucks sake, of course she’s going to embrace femininity and beauty. She was also blessed with the beauty of Aphrodite. She was also gifted to be as wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury. Cameron’s focus on her beauty and objectification say more about him than anything else. You don’t have to be a fan of the Wonder Woman film to know that Cameron is full of shit. The record number of women that took to the theaters to support the Amazonian Princess already shows that this female positive movie is doing exactly what it intended to do.

Cameron has two wells, Terminator and Avatar, and look what he’s doing next, more naked blue alien movies.

Fuck this chowder head.

Sick-Nick – Co-Host of Totally Driven Radio, and fearless leader of the TVNation.

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